Grand Challenge Quest Two

I’m running an Intel MacBook Pro: 2.2ghz dual cores with 2gigs memory and 128mb graphics memory (Radeon X1600 integrated card, I believe). All of the graphics options are maxed, and I’m running v0.14 of GSB on XP SP3 via Bootcamp.

The only significant difference that I see is in memory… but that shouldn’t matter, considering that it’s not even close to all in use by GSB for any of us. No clue what’s going on.

i’m an idiot… i thought erlandr’s specs were yours.

palm meets forehead

I have all options except for pitch shift sounds enabled.

Ultimately though, this is a huge problem for any sort of organized play if the game’s outcomes depend so heavily on local hardware and, even worse, game speed. :frowning:

I think we found a pretty serious gameplay bug.

This makes any sort of challenge, let alone tournament, useless.

On the bright side though, it was just found in beta. This is exactly what we’re supposed to be doing, even though it’s real disheartening to discover a problem this sweeping.

lol Agreed, but it kind of kills this for awhile. Sucks too. Cause I really got into this one. You kill one fleet. Great, anyone can get a build to kill any fleet. The second one. Still fine. Third and on, getting a bit of an edge of the seat feeling. It was cool.

Okay. We are going to continue. Here is what will happen. All tests will be done at 4x with everything in the options on except that pitch shift thing. In the event of a dispute, I will test the two fleets three more times after that. I will post the jpegs on the site to show results. Best two out of three will settle the dispute.