GSB Stopped working Online STEAM

Had GSB on Steam since it came out, have all the DLC played 122 hours.

I love it

However I cant play the campaign mode anymore as your Online activation wont work with my CD key.

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I have the same issue. I tried to remove and reenter the cd key.

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Yeah tried that it hasnt worked. But thanks

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Same here. Tried to copy and paste the registration code (from Steam) in the Online-Section but it won’t work. Says: Code invalid. Is there a solution to get the Campaign to work?

The server got updated and the version of php was updated with it… and the code on the server that handles challenges and campaign stuff thus all broke without warning :frowning: I’ve been checking error logs and fixing bugs in it for the last few days. Its getting much better, will hopefully all be working again soon…

I have also encountered this issue, and it has not been fixed at least on my end. Just getting back into this game, about 63 hours total, and same issue. Can’t play campaign, and CD key is invalid for registration. I take it the fix is just for me to hurry up and wait?

It fixed itself i guess.