Log-in Process Stalled

I just bought the game through STEAM and entered the key that came with the game after clicking on the online button. It asked for a user name does nothing after I have entered the name and a text in green stating that the user has been accepted.

I am having the same problem I hope this gets sorted, if not why even bother having this game :stuck_out_tongue:

If the game has accepted your activation code and user name, you should be good to go. (The green accepted message was the only change I’ve seen every time I installed GSB.)

Try clicking on the Challenges button on the main screen, then click the Refresh List button. That should download the current list of online challenges for you. (It may take a little while for the first download.) If that doesn’t work, then you’ll know there is definitely a problem.

Ok its done that but where do i find the campaign then its not showing up anywhere.

Campaign, I believe, is part of one of the GSB expansion packs (or DLC). If you buy every single DLC for GSB on STEAM, it’s only $15. Worth it I’d say.

It ive picked up the complete pack on steam i dunno whats going on lol