GSB triathalon

SAC and NEC can get pretty stringent on designs and thus, repetitive, so I wanted to try something new that more people could participate in. I came up with an idea that I think you guys will like. The idea is this: YOU create a set of three fleets on the same map (call it a Triathalon) and challenge other people to beat all THREE of your fleets with only ONE of their fleets. It is sort of like SAC, except your three fleets don’t have to be in any order, and of course, you get to design all three of them. Your goal is to create a set of three fleets that cannot be beaten by a single fleet. Such a fleet will be labeled as the ULTIMATEEEEE (!!!111111) Triumvirate.

Updated Rules. Most of these I feel are common sense, but I hope we can all agree to them to prevent any confusion beforehand:

-Only post one Triathalon - this is to prevent spamming. It is easy to create challenges, but takes time to beat them. I guess if no one has posted any for a while, you can post another one. You should wait at least a few days.
-Your fleets should be on the EXACT same map with the EXACT settings.

-To prevent lame challenges, your map should fall within the following parameters (please read!):
-At least 1:100 credit ratio, and no more than 1:2000.
-It should at least be 20k credits, and less than 100k.
-Map size should be at least 2000x2000.
-Anomalies and supply limits are NOT okay. The only anomoly which you can use is the “requires engines” if you want.
-NO custom deployment boxes (to prevent forced deployment formations)
-Above all, be reasonable - this is meant to be fun. Use common sense.

Some things that ARE allowed: Stationary fleets, formation loops, corner banging, etc. Since this is no longer SAC or NEC, these type of fleets don’t benefit from their automatic advantage over previous fleets, so it doesn’t really matter.

One last thing: a “win” is defined when your fleet beats the opposing fleet the majority of the time. Just be honest. Test it out several times if you are unsure.

Sooo… if you think this is a fun idea, post your fleets. I can post a set sometime this week as well. Feedback is welcome.

Humm, so a Rush, an Anti Rush, and a Pure Long Range?

If considering just types, this should do the trick, but since the challenger has the ability to use decoys, most trios should be beatable.

Probably, yeah. But you can play around with the map size and settings to reduce the possibility of cheap counters. Some supply limits would do the trick… but that’s lame. I think I changed my mind on that. Rules updated accordingly :smiley:

Great idea! :slight_smile: