Happiness after work

This seems to be taking a nose dive every day.

How can I change this?

You could look at happiness as the “ultimate” attribute to max out if your goal is a happy sim. There are a HUGE number of things that effect happiness. Too many to list here, however these may be a small number of helpful things to try:

If you’re taking the bus to work, try buying an MP3 player.
Don’t catch the bus, walk/skateboard in the rain. If you have to then make sure you have an umbrella.
Go to restaurants.
Have social activities go well. This is mostly random, but playing soccer/tennis in the rain isn’t going to help.

There are a large number of random events that can increase or decrease your happiness and these mostly can’t be avoided but may be tied into your current job or more random events, like getting mugged (which can be negated with the appropriate martial arts skill(s)).

Experimentation of every facet of the game should help you see what does and doesn’t adjust happiness (and it’s fun :p). I’d suggest just playing the game over and over. A lot!

Wayno, with 2 minutes to miiiidniiiight

Are there any files I can change so this doesn’t happen?