Hi!and Q about 'SpendAdjusted' and more

Hi! This is my first post, so first of all I want to thank you for this great game and its mods, I’m really enjoying playing and modding it

But I’m coming across several questions, the first of which is how the ‘SpendAdjusted’ command (that appears in events like madcow epidemic) works. I suppose it increases spending? but how? and how is it calculated and shown ingame? I can’t figure it out…

Also, is it possible to make events and dilemmas scenario-specific? I’m making a scenario for Spain adding and changing events and dilemmas and I’d like to add events/dilemmas that won’t trigger for the rest of the scenarios and modify some default ones so they don’t trigger for Spain. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance! I’m sure I’ll have more questions soon, but I don’t don’t want to bother you all too much :mrgreen:

As I understand it, spendadjusted merely adds an expense for that turn, ie. a one-off expense. I assume that the calculation is based on the wealth factor of the country, as set in the mission file. There is an opposite to spendadjusted, which is earnadjusted.

You can make events and dilemmas scenario specific. Add the following lines:


to the event or dilemma file (you can use anything in place of where I have put Spain, but make sure it is consistent throughout).

Then when you create the mission file for Spain, simply add


to the bottom (replacing spain with whatever word you have used in the mission specific events and dilemmas).

Making certain events and dilemmas not show on the Spain mission would be harder. I suppose you would have to go through all the events and dilemmas that you didn’t want to show on Spain and add something like:


and then you would have to add the following to every mission file except Spain:


Hope this helps.

P.S. I notice that someone has already ported the Spain mission file over from the original game. You may wish to download this as a starting point:

positech.co.uk/democracy2/ho … /Spain.zip

Many thanks for your answer!

I thought that the only valid prereqs/modules were those already in thw game (like monarchy, earthquakes), I didn’t knew that I could create my own ones, that’s great news.

Yes, I’m working with that Spain as a base, but thanks anyway :slight_smile:


You can use anything you like as a module/prereq. Try downloading my State Union mod for an example: positech.co.uk/democracy2/ho … eUnion.zip

Good luck.


I’m learning a lot from reading your SU events/dilemmas

This is correct :smiley: