How to purchase all the modules/races/hulls

Hi, I’m new here having purchased the game after the free weekend.

I have gone through the Battles section and exhausted almost all the replay-with-less-forces bonuses, so I cannot afford to purchase any more new modules, races and hulls. Is there any way I can unlock these?

Hi StigRS77 and welcome to the forums.

The quickest way is to increase the amount of honour points you have.
If you head across to \My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\ and look for a file called unl.dat
Open that file in notepad and scroll to the end.
The last 2 lines should look something like
points = 13

You can change this number to whatever you like. (just keep it reasonable)
Save the file and open GSB
you should now have enough points to unlock modules to your hearts content.

Thanks a lot.

It should be possible to purchase those in the Campaign as well.