Lost all my Progress

I loaded up GSB for the first time in a short while and i cannot access the races, ships and weapons i bought in the Fleet HQ, but i cannot receive honor for the missions i already completed, Im playing on Steam if thats important

All your progress is stored within \mydocuments\my games\gratuitous space battles. Has that folder moved or been changed?

I have never modified anything in it or moved anything in it and the folder is there, And all my ship designs i made as the races i cannot play as anymore are still there, in fact some of the battles i fought as those races will still have my old fleet stored in the battle,

So ships you previously unlocked are now locked? Is that truye of all of them or just some. There was a patch about a month ago that added ‘locked’ to some of the ships that previously were not locked, but you should still have your honor points, and have unlocked any ships that you had explicitly unlocked. Is that not the case?

Actually looking at it more closely now everything is locked that i unlocked, Modules, Ships and races and i have 0 honor, i cant remember if i had 0 left over from before, I can still access the ships ive made in the editor with the modules i unlocked on them (I just cant add anymore) i just cant make any new ones nor can i gain honor from previous missions ive completed.

No idea how that has happened, but wiping that whole folder should reset things to the start, although its a bit drastic. you can rename that fodler then copy accross your old ship designs.

Yeah i’d be fine with restarting, if i deleted everything in the folder but left the ships folder would that still work?

Yes should be fine.

Alright thats what i did, thanks for the help