i can't play with tribe

i have GSB 1.26
i can install the pack but if i try to run it …


it say that the programme cant’ sart because he don’t find fmodex.dll
and you can see all i have in my gsb folder.

i already tried to uninstall and re install but it dont work…
so what can i do ??

that file is definitely part of the install. Where did you buy the game, and did you let it install in the default locaction? Is there anything unusual about your system?

i’ve buy gsb via impulse and the expansion pack here, via this website.
yes i ve let the default location, the folder of gsb.

and i don’t think there is something unusual with my system,

Did the game run ok before the expansion was installed? The installer should definitely be putting that file there. Is it maybe just hidden? (it shouldn’t be).

it’s ok, i’ve find the problème.

it was not the good folder…
the default location was C:\Program Files\Positech Games\Gratuitous Space Battles
but GSB is on C:\Program Files\Positech Games\Positech Games\Gratuitous Space Battles