I need some suggestions please

hi, i’m new to this game. but how do i get more mails, make more friends.
how can i organise such events where people can talk about politics, gardening etc.

i have reached a point where my character is earning 112,000, her job place is less than 4 miles from home but is always unhappy, stressed and never in a good mood.

Can anybody give suggestions for improvement in mood and less stress.

Romance and pets are the answer to all your problems. As for the politics and gardening, there is no specific event that caters to these interests, so what you need to do is get two people who share a politics or gardening interest to come to the same event. Then they will talk about it, regardless of the event.

Thanks. How do I get to solve puzzles / crosswords. I had just finished 10 yrs and some remark was there for the same.

the crossword is in the serious newspaper. If you have high IQ, you get a cryptic crossword.