Idea: Implement the ability to change government types

I’ve just finished watching all the Democracy 4 Developer Blogs on Cliff’s Youtube channel. I’ve been playing D3 for years and am pumped for 4 to come out!

I’d like to propose an idea for the game/future expansion. Have the ability to change government types. For example, changing from capitalist democracy to fascist or communist government. Other government types could be anarcho capitalists, democratic socialist, totalitarian communism. It would be cool if each form of government had special/unique policies that could only be implemented under that type of government.

Obviously, each type of government would have have it’s own pros and cons. Certain portions of the population would be in favor, others would oppose. Business confidence would likely plummet under major governmental changes.

Another thing I think would be cool about this is having varying degrees of consequence depending on how big the shift in government is. For example, the political and economic cost would be less when switching from a democratic socialist society to a communist one vs a capitalist society switching to communism.

Not sure if these changes would be able to be added to the base game but I think it’s a fun concept and maybe it would be a cool DLC idea. What do you guys think? Can’t wait to play!

Edit: Another thought I just had on this is that depending on which government type you choose, the cost of each policy will change. Example: it would be cheaper politically and financially for a fascist state to implement law and order policies and welfare policies would be more expensive. Just a thought!

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Post War - Revolutions in Western Democracies are Rare - I think they happened prewar because of economic collapse? Soviet Russia.

There was a Junta in Greece in the 70s?.

In South American Coups have been more common places like Salvador Allende and Chile.

I suppose if a Junta took place elections would not matter and one would have all the political capital to do anything one wanted - would have been an interesting concept for Democracy 3 Africa.