Interesting idea...

So I have been playing GSB 2 lately and I have enjoyed it a lot and while I was playing I got an idea that GSB 2 should be combined with GTB. Think about it, the player would have to design their space fleet as well as their ground forces. For example, a typical mission, which requires the player to conquer a planet like in GSB 1’s conquest mode, would consist of two stages. First the player would have to fight the opposing space fleet like you do in GSB 2. Then the battle would resume on the ground in the planet they are trying to conquer and it would work just like GTB. I don’t know if this would take too mich time to do but to me the two games seem very compatible with each other.

short answer: not gonna happen (to gsb2)

Long answer: won’t happen because (to gsb2) because this would be better of being its own separate game, the amo0unt of things that would have to be done just to link the two games to each other would probably constitute coding an entire new game