Kinetic Weapon Problem and .ogg format

Ok, I have About 200 Fighters Flying in a Test Challenge, Each Armed with about 4 Fast Firing Guns (50 Fire Interval, 360 Salvo Size and 1000 Salvo Reload),

And Evey time i try it it Crashes In the Middle of the Match (both sides at around 50%), The Error Message is the Default Microsoft one , Ive Looked in the Errors Log, Nothing Thats in the Right Time Zone, And in the Debug Log there is this Message constantly Coming up

Not enough shells:…\src\SIM_KineticWeapon.cpp 403

Not enough shells:…\src\SIM_KineticWeapon.cpp 403

Not enough shells:…\src\SIM_KineticWeapon.cpp 403

there is Sometimes A “response,true,” message in between these (error Log is also about 1K Lines Long)

Any Help?

Also is there any other format of sound that GSB can use instead of .ogg?

I think it can use wav too.

The ‘run out of shells’ isn’t a big deal, the game will just not fire them, it’s a note that a limit has been hit, but not something that should ever cause a crash.
The response,true thing isn’t an error either, that will be checking that your game is the latest version, or something similar.
I take it this is modded guns that you are using? 50 as a fire interval is very fast! It could be some limit is being reached that I’m not aware of. If you email me ( everything needed to reproduce it, I can take a look.

This has happened to me a lot, for me it’s a problem with RAM. When you have tons of fighters, this is practically guaranteed to happen.

How much RAM are you running your computer with? I’ve got eight gigs. While occasionally the game stutters a bit, it’s likely due to my older 256 meg video card instead of not enough system RAM.

4 gigs, but usually the free RAM is down to less than 1 gigabyte.

ive got 4 Gb of ram, i cant help but think this is a bit strange though, I play ARMA II on full spec, with 5Km Veiw Distance and never got any lag

I’m investigating, but I did a 1,000 fighter vs 1,000 fighter battle and only used 500 MB of RAM for the game.

did you use guns that fire 1200rpm?, i think with the game going though salvo code, a very high fire rate, Kenitic Calculations, Faster Speeds than Normal Craft (5 is the average) and upto 8 guns on a fighter. i think i might have to find a way around that as most of my things with have machineguns, maybe i should just not use as many fighters?, or make them cost more…

And can anyone Give me a answer if there is any other format than ‘.ogg’ i can use, or a program that will convert sound files properly without giving the game an error? (Many just for the fighter drone sound, Im trying to replace it with a Prop plane Idle Sound)

audacity is a free open source sound editor that converts stuff to ogg. It’s the program I used to make the games ogg files.

might have to get that then, thanks Cliff

no, I don’t get any lag, it just usually crashes about a minute or so after the HUGE amount of ships engage. Then again, I have tons of mods, so that might be part of the problem (I have some really crazy bugs on my game caused by having an overload of mods)