Kudos reviewed at Gamezebo

Gamezebo did a review on Kudos. It can be found here: gamezebo.com/2006/09/kudos_review.html

apparently all games should be made to work only in US dollars. Maybe I should have set the game in new york too. I like to think americans are as intelligent and capable as anyone. Why do game makers treat them like xenophobes who couldnt cope with a different currency?

I didn’t like the review at all. It seems like it was an older version too. Anyway I don’t understand the whole American vs. European thing either and I am an American. So a few spellings are different and you use a different currency, big deal. It makes the game more creative to me imagining life elsewhere.

what were those folks smoking they obviously didnt play it very long.

Obviously everyone is entitled to thier opinion. I was a little dumbfounded when reading parts of the review though. I could not relate to what the reviewer had written for most of the review (and I review games also). There were a few things that puzzled me about the review. First of all, as Cliff mentioned, the issue regarding currency is kind of redundant. I find it hard to believe that there is a gamer out there without an inkling of imagination. I think this was just an expression of biased opinion on the reviewers part. Secondly, the reviewer wrote that the interface had an issue in regards to it being confusing on how to drag and drop your friend(s) when trying to participate in social activities. Issue? Is the person that wrote this review actually a gamer? Wasn’t the idea of interaction and social activities covered in the tutorial in a brief but easily explained manner? And since when was dragging and dropping ever complicated? I’d hate to see this reviewer play a text based adventure. I guess my gripe with the review is that the review itself is half-ass. If you’re going to bother writing a review then show your view but be concise when stating your view. Don’t generalize as if everyone should or does agree with your view(s). Rather, explain and allow people to understand why this is your view. I think this makes the critic more viable and the critique more credible.

I still think Kudos is one of those games you should try before making assumptions and even the jaded may find a nice surprise or two. The game may not be for everyone, but it’s definately friendly enough for anyone who plays games to get a grip on the gameplay allowing them to make the ultimate decision for themselves.



I was a little confused by the review too. Especially the part about technical glitches as the game has been completely stable for me. (And that’s whit me running a browser, MP3 palyer and all kinds of stuff in the background while still alt-tabbing all the time)

I think what might have influenced the review is that Gamezebo concentrates mainly on reviewing casual games. With Kudos I get teh felling it’s a half-casual, half-hardcore game.