Kudos seems ok, but I made a stupid rash choice last night to buy it without playing the demo much. Needless to say, I’m kinda bored of it already. What are my rights about getting a refund? I know I can take games back to Game in the UK, in a certain time if they aren’t what I expected. And isn’t there a 14 day money back in law for most if not all goods?


No there isn’t. That “Game” give you a refund is nice of them but they don’t have to unless there is something defective about what they’ve sold you or if they have misdescribed it. Being “kinda bored” doesn’t cut it.

if you go to the cinema and get bored half way through the movie, do you think they give you your money back when you ask? We make a demo available for you to try before you buy, and there is tons of stuff in the game (and more with each patch). how can you be bored?

It gets repetative. How can looking for a job take up a whole day?

Still as a good will gesture, still want a refund. But I guess I can see it ain’t gonna happen :frowning:

It’s a game. taking a bath doesnt take a whole day in real life either. its a strategic game, it’s not the sims :smiley:
That whole day is symbolic of the time you spend throughout the week looking for a new job, ditto having a bath or s anooze on the sofa.

So that’s a no then?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s an ok game, just gets a bit to samey.

Oh and look at, you need to fix the link to Democracy, just thought I’d point that out :slight_smile:

Eeek, well spotted. I’ll fix it now.
I dont give out refunds because people get bored with the game, although your the first person to ask to be honest. I think if you go abck into the game and give it another try, you’ll find you’ll get back into it. Most of Kudos is undocumented and hidden, so theres lots to find.

Not being an arse but couldn’t I claim under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended by the Sale & Supply of Goods Act 1994 and the Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002) and claim the goods are faulty at the time of sale, due to bugs. Or does this not count with electronic media/software?

not in a million years. Seeing as though you didnt mention any bugs, but said you got bored, you cant invent bugs after the event to get your money back. And as there are hundreds of others playing the game without bugs, that would refute that anyway, as its the same digital data.
Its $22, about the price of a big pizza and coke. You really dont think you got your moneys worth???

I can’t believe you’d want a refund. I’ve already played this game for WAY more hours than I did Battle For Middle Earth, and that cost me twice as much. Stop being negative and give it another go :smiley:.

Sarcasm I played an I want a refund and to keep the game too (Im not being serious) lol. :laughing: :smiling_imp: :imp:

I’m a fellow brit and not American :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: and I refused to pay even £10 for Tycoon City New York so got it off ebay for £5.

Seen as I can tell I am not gonna get my refund, is there a chance you could change the pay system so it tells you that its actually £14 in England and not £12. I was boosted by the £12 then the bloody VAT got added so I had second thoughts. Yes, £14 is only £2 difference, but it’s still a difference. And yes £14 is alot to me, we’re not all made of money :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry buddy, but you’re hosed on this one.

If I bought a television set and were “bored” by the entertainment offered, how is that the television manufacturer’s fault?

Kudos is a very good simulation and you should delve into it more deeply.

Ah man, you got clingfilm over your ass or what, mate?

I’m guessing he/his parents don’t make much money

Let the insults roll. I asked a question it was answered, lock it now. I’m off.

Funny you say that I got a refund for saying a movie was crap, directors chair I think it was… :stuck_out_tongue:

and still trying to find bugs lol

Well there was quite a few when it came out.

Anyway, just don’t buy games off the net I guess. As far as I know every game has a return policy of a refund with the exception of PC games which, usually tend to be replacements only. I know my store down the road won’t even let you return it if you’ve opened it.

Ok, it’s quite simple - this entire post is about purchasing something with your parents or wife’s (or husbands) credit card without them knowing, but they found out. Huh? Am I right? :smiling_imp:

Ok, to wrap up this thread a bit… PC games should not, and should never be refunded. There is a reason why system requirements are listed on the box and considering internet access is so readily available to anyone who owns a computer (you own a computer, you probably also pay for cable and a phone line, you pay for utilities, and in other words, you probably have a job). So we’ve established that life is full of responsibility and most people value the money they earn, follow me so far? So if you truly didn’t want to spend the money on a game that you didn’t really want, then you obviously didn’t have to considering the amount of information available for you to peruse and deal with.

I think we can all attest to purchasing store bought games and regretting it at one time or another, the difference here is we have an independant developer, who has provided plenty of info on his web page, has also included an area to download the demo, and plenty of sites that can be browsed simply by searching Yahoo or Google, with previews and reviews of not only this independant game, but thousands of others. What it comes down to is most indy developers care more about the product they release. Big game developers care more about money… I guess you would too if you had 250 people working for you on a project that may not even be released or acknowledged… but with that said, gamers are not dumb people, some of them just make dumb mistakes. Most of us however read about games before they come out, and when they do come out some of us buy on impulse, while others wait for the “global” response. After all is said and done, we are responsible and I absolutely do not believe we should be refunded. This is not food we are purchasing, this is entertainment. The simple question of asking for a refund is always allowed, it’s painful and free to ask a question (except in this case :stuck_out_tongue: ) but that doesn’t mean we should ever get a refund for something like this. Most importantly, software does not delete itself (well it’s not supposed to!), who is to say whether or not the user actually got rid of the game or app they “got bored with” or “just didn’t like”. There are so many ways to burn or copy software now, refunds are a silly concept. It would be different if this was hardware we were talking about. Lastly, if anything at all, I do believe in replacements. Your game didn’t work? Hey here’s another copy, just give me that one back. Couldn’t download the full game from the link you received when you purchased the game? Oh well here you go, here’s another working link.

It’s amazing how simple this thing called “living” is.

Given all of these examples, I think it’s safe to say that if you like to think things through, and you have a little imagination, and enjoy making decisions without real consiquence you will love Kudos. That’s what this whole post is about. Before even asking for a refund the person who started this thread definately should have tried the demo out because that would have been a relavent strategy that you might even find within the game and actually would have allowed you to make a thoughtful decision.

I for one, played the demo for 15 mins and purchased it shortly after. Quite frankly this game is great for what it is and what it sets out to do. The updates and mods are also implemented painlessly. On top of all that, Kudos can be picked up by almost anyone (well anyone that can read :wink: ) I find the sims to be very boring and more work than actual gameplay. Kudos can be played, enjoyed, and experimented with at a casual pace. Isn’t that what “Simulating Life” in a game is all about? If you want a game where you can go for a pooh, but not actually wipe your butt, watch 2 polygons have censored sex in fake bed, and listen to the sound of fake people speaking utter gibberish, then go ahead and buy The Sims… I’m not gonna knock it. :smiling_imp:

If instead you’re looking for an interesting and far more imaginative and enjoyable gaming experience where the decisions actually lead to some sort of progression, and the game can be played at the pace that YOU want, then definately pick up Kudos! Cliffsky has done a great job and I’m definately looking forward to future updates, mods and extras.

Kudos Cliffsky, Kudos.