online play how?


I bought this game via steam since i read a nice article about it in the pcgameplay. The demo was fun too so and I saw you even already got DLC developed. After some play I thought to try my luck online so i went to the online button, entered the code i got from steam, which was validated en entered a UserID which was too. But now nothing happens. I keep seeing my code and username and the news window with nothing in it. I expected something like new windows or buttons to go to a gameroom of some sort. I bought the game via steam is that maybe it? Do I have to do it via the game overlay? I tried and i got a message saying no steam users reported by gameserver.

Hope you have some answers for me and two thumbs up for a job well done for a 1-man gamestudio.

Best regards,

once you set up your username and registration code, go back to the main menu, and you’ll see a “challenges” button where all the other options are in the main menu. click it, and you’ll see a list of player-made challenges, and, if you have patch 1.28, a “custom challenge” and “Messages” button. hope that helps! :smiley:

You can also now hit the challenge button on any deployment screen and issue your winning fleet in a battle as a challenge to everyone else. Plus the game will now auto-update.

Thanks guys that helps, see you in space.