Making Speeches takes too long (for a passive result page)

Been playing, and trying to enjoy the election elements to the game - could there be a ‘skip’ or ‘>>>’ during speeches? Where it’s a passive results page it feels like it slows gameplay down. Point is moot if you’re planning on adding something ‘more’ to make it engaging like quick-takes (Q/A during each section, random +/- question pop up with a timer to make you answer quickly for a little boost/reduce the -)?

I know I can just tab-out and read reddit whilst I’m waiting for the bar chart to get where it’s going, but I’d rather just skip to the results and move along, or at least set a speed to ‘fast please and thank you’ so it’s only a couple seconds long.

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You can press Esc to quit that animation currently.


You’ve saved my life, or at least 30 seconds of it - does that close the results screen, or just skip to the end?

It closes results screen

Less cool, but I guess I roughly knew the results going in so :man_shrugging: