Max Strength % Question

Strength Cure Rate %
Stroke 150% 90/100 administered
Appetite 150% 46/100
Bronchitis 85% 73/100
Rash 160% 52/100

I don’t quite understand why the percentages mean nothing.

Anyone want to take a stab at that one?

Syringes are OP.

Each effect has a different basic cure rate because in real life even the best types of some drug still only work some of the time. A painkiller will work with 100% effectiveness at strength 100% so having a higher strength will not actually offer any benefit. Other cures are more fleeting, have a lower cure rate so you need every bit of strength you can get.

The cure rating calculation is balanced so that harder to cure things have a greater positive effect on cure rating, when they do work. Therefore, an A rating for appetite suppressant might be 40/100 whereas for Stroke it might be 80/100.

There are some interesting subtleties to this interaction but for the most part you can ignore it because it’s balanced. Generally speaking, higher strength cure => higher cure rating.