maybe some ideas for kudos 3

hi, i’m new here, i’ve played kudos 2 for a month, i haven’t played the first kudos but i heard ppl said that kudos 2 don’t have much improvement from the first.

first, i hate the idea that you MUST sleep at night, can’t skip work, and no unemployment; and the problem is that there’s no Time counter in this game, maybe the dev should add Time Counter in the 3rd game (i think it’s doable, maybe make it like democracy 2’s political capital points); and like The Sims 2, Workdays and Work hours for Jobs should be different.

Time Counter
Activities cost Minutes(soccer 105 mins), skip work (XD), unemployment,
controllable sleep time(e.g. sleep for 4 hours, but if your energy still below certain level, you wake up late)
freelance work, like painting or writing novel(maybe ‘creating item’. e.g. purchase painting tools, use it, and triggered a progress bar, when the progress bar reach 100%, a painting appears in your item slot, then you can sell it for cash)
AND add lifetime relationship (like the sims 2), so you won’t lose friends that fast(i hate this most X< )

and maybe some events like when you read book with low energy and excitement, you’ll end up sleep…
(e.g. you’re tired and you set up read boring book for 1 hour, you end up only read for 30 minutes and slept…)

anymore ideas? sorry if you find it confusing, english isn’t my primary language.

-peace- :slight_smile:

great game tho, i like it better than The Sims 2(a.k.a The Sims:Recycled)

Maybe it’s already in the game but if so, it hasn’t shown up yet. How about adding some social events in line with some of the things others enjoy, like “Go to Baseball game” for instance.

Ask, and ye shall receive. This file, when extracted and added to your social_events.csv file, allows you to play baseball (similar number of people required as football) and to watch baseball on TV at home with some friends (same as football. Requires cable TV) Both of these are valid only for the months of April to October. Hope this helps!

I was going to work on this soon. A new friend in my current game increases my confidence (good for a lawyer!) but she has very few interests…baseball is one of them. (1.1 KB)

Too cool. Thank-Q!

EDIT: Baseball works fine. Thanks!

Few more ideas for the next incarnation of Kudos.

  • cookout/barbecue
  • vacation (allows 2 activities during the week and 3 on the weekends)
  • vacation options: take your significant other, choose destination,
  • 3 day weekend with the ability to travel
  • The ability to drop “friends” that invite themselves into your circle. The irritating, dishonest, etc. folks that you don’t want to associate with. Sort of the way you can end a relationship.
  • Purchase a CD player that allows you to copy your own songs into the game. (Perhaps a limit of 10-12 songs.)

Hi ChefDave, Chef Wayno at your service.

Whilst I haven’t tried this myself, you should be able to edit the in-game music by replacing the “Kudos 2\data\sounds\music*.ogg” files with some of your own, however I believe they will loop, so pick some good ones that loop well (90% of Maggot Brain comes to mind). Aside from that, I might suggest playing in windowed mode with WinAmp/Media Player/etc running to allow you to pause/skip/etc your own music, as appropriate.

Always remember to BACKUP files before altering (read deleting) them. Perhaps renaming would be the better course of action :slight_smile:

Wayno, Informed, Cultured TV Chef, with his three cents