[Meta-mod] A New World

[size=200]A New World[/size]
Download link:http://www.nexusmods.com/bigpharma/mods/1/

This meta-mod includes an executable jar that generate new configuration for cures, side effects and catalysts, creating unique gaming experience each time, creating a balanced new gaming experience.

Main features include:
Rebalance existing cures, side effects and catalysts
Randomize effects to create varied playing experience (!!!)
Meta-Mod: This mod generates mod files in one click.
Compatible with any other mods that do not modify effects.data

In addition to the above, the full version of the mod also include:
More powerful events
Mutiplexer fix
Technology rebalancing

To use the mod, simply

  1. Unzip it and copy the folder inside into your modding folder: C:\Users<username>\Documents\My Games\Big Pharma\
  2. Run ANewWorld.jar
  3. Start a new game, enable the mod, and enjoy!
  4. (Optional) For full immersion, using pre-packaged A New World settings by New game->Custom Game->Import-> A New World

To modders: (Theme Hospital Modders, greetings!)
To merge with the mod, save your custom effects.data as “sample.data” in A New World’s mod folder before running ANewWorld.jar. All cure levels, names and family are read from sample.data, so the generated effects.data will have your customization in it!

Please note that if “contractionRate” field is populated for a specific cure, it must NOT be the last item in the array (so put Reaction or Range behind it). Otherwise the parsing would fail to load the sample correctly.

Nice idea.
Just thinking aloud, but this made me think, I wonder if this could be done with JavaScript for instance. You’d only get one file per page rather than the entire package as you’re creating, but it should be possible to create a JS page that generates the necessary JSON I suspect.
There would be downsides of course too, but as I said, just thinking aloud.

Also - welcome to the boards; nice introduction. :wink:

Absolutely! I implemented in Java just to keep it cleaner and friendlier for anti virus software (JS can embed malicious code easier, and get misclassified as malicious more often), but there are definitely advantages to other languages.

I’d be happy to see my code integrated into the game itself as randomized set up is arguably important and basic. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a brilliant idea. :smiley: