[MOD] BigPharma: Theme Hospital Edition v1.0.1

In a recent interview, Tim mentioned briefly that the artwork and colours of BigPharma were similar, and perhaps inspired by Theme Hospital. Theme Hospital was a very influential game for me, and is likely why I have now turned to try my hand a game journalism, so I thought it would be fun to attempt a Theme Hospital themed mod for BigPharma… and here it is!

BigPharma:Theme Hospital Edition renames all the drug effects and side-effects in the game to use names taken directly from (or inspired by) Theme Hospital. In this first version, the events have been tweaked to reflect the new drug names, but some could do with a “logic” pass, as the event cause does not tie up 100% with the effect… but I will continue to work on that, and suggestions are welcome!


  • Download the attached ZIP file and extract it to your BigPharma mods folder (typically C:/users/{Your Username}/Documents/My Games/BigPharma/Mods for windows users).
  • Run BigPharma and click “Mods”
  • Pick the “Theme Hospital Edition” mod and activate it… the game will restart and you should see “Supporting the Indies” on the loading screen.

All feedback is welcome, including suggestions on how the mod can be improved.

Enjoy… and support the indies!

EDIT: I recorded a 7 Part video series playing Marketing and Malpractice using my Theme Hospital Mod! Check it out!
youtube.com/watch?v=wlrokF_ … jt5autx39O


Tweaked some typos
BP-THE 1-0-1.zip (23.1 KB)
BP-THE.zip (23.1 KB)

Thanks for the MOD.

noting 2 things:

  1. There is now a MOD forum (as opposed to this GENERAL forum) - think they created it earlier today.

  2. what does “modVersion” (in modinfo.data) do ? Haven’t seen that before. Didn’t notice any use of it when loading the MOD.


  1. I noticed the modding forum… and that it was empty. Not sure if they wanted it for modding questions etc rather than the mods themselves… I’m waiting for a sticky explaining it before I post there :wink:

  2. modVersion is a clever little tag that does… absolutely nothing.
    It’s not part of the mod API, and has no function… aside from helping me keep track of what version users are on if they have any queries :wink: Should the mod progress further, I will most likely include a changelog and people can see what version they are using to see if they need to update… etc.

Hopefully modVersion will be recognised by the mod API in the future and displayed on the Modding page? #DevHint

You may be interested in this mod: viewtopic.php?f=49&t=14407 - I don’t know what the overlap is as I’ve not tried either

Yup, just spotted that one… didn’t realise it was there until I’d posted mine. I do see some gaps in the Strings file of the other mod that I was fortunate enough to spot in mine, and hopefully some of my drug effect choices make a little more sense… but in no way would I want to be the one o say which is “better”… that’s for the community to decide.

working on a pharma blog please check it and give suggestions. hope you like it -> pharmaxtract.blogspot.com

Updated to v1.0.1

Tweaked some typos… nothing big.

I will be running a video series on the M&M Expansion, usign this mod! Check it out at http://youtube.com/ellitopiamc