Minister effectiveness is not clear enough

Hey Cliff,

I was just wondering if you could provide some clarification on the way minister effectiveness is calculated.

I’ll have an entire cabinet of ministers who are at maximum loyalty and maximum experience, but some of them will only gain effectiveness very slowly, and some won’t gain any more after hitting a certain level (52% and 64% seem to be the most common I’ve experienced). In my most recent game as the US, my entire cabinet is max everything - loyalty, experience, political capital/turn. However, while my tax and economic ministers are both at over 90% effectiveness, my law and order minister has been at 52% for a long time now, despite having hired them all in the same reshuffle.

My questions are: Why do some ministers hit an effectiveness cap, despite all other stats being maxed out? Is there an effectiveness cap that is hard-coded into the game for certain ministers? Or is it perhaps determined by the order of their preferred jobs, so giving them their second or third-listed choice lowers their potential effectiveness?

The lack of clarity around effectiveness is something that bothered me in D3 as well to be honest. I genuinely am perplexed about this, and would appreciate some clarity here. Thanks!

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Hey Cliff, would you like to give an explanation about minister effectiveness? Additionally Cliff has listed giving all the info about ministers on the Trello Board, it’d be great to know if this is covered in that.