Miscellaneous Things I've Done

Thought I’d share at the moment a sprite I threw together as kind of an exercise. (Though I did have my reasons, some of which may become clear in the future…)

It’s a Federation space station, cruiser class, probably pretty large:

Guaranteed I’ll be doing similar random things with the other races; I expect to collect them into a Miscellaneous Hulls mod or something. I just thought this turned out well and felt the need to share. :slight_smile:

OMFG!!! I want it!! The only thing that i would change are the ends of each platform (phanter noses)

The center is just perfect, i love it! I want it cuz one of my wises are to make designs of each station of the Praetorian Industries history that i wrote some time ago :smiley:

Just one word: AWESOME.

It really fits like an space station, the center looks great and u captured the perfect 3d “sensation” xD. U did that with a reflection filter or something like that right?? (i say this cuz i did something similiar with gimp time ago :p). The only change i would do is to add more turret placements, but well, that can be done easily.

Wow. Thanks a lot for the ego-boost, y’all! Glad to hear that my hard work is appreciated! The center was the tough part - it’s the nose of the much-maligned Wolf frigate in all four directions N-E-S-W, the nose of the Gazelle frigate in the corners, and the long pointy vanes were modified by hand (though I did use the same pattern in four spots). But overall it pretty much came out the way I wanted it (although the lighting is a bit wonky, but I choose to ignore that quirk). I used the Panther forward decks for each “lobe” of the station mostly because it’s an easy ship to trim off the aft portion. :slight_smile:

As far as turret placements, I haven’t even started on the coding part of the hull (heck, I haven’t done the damage/hulk sprites yet), so that’s all very much up in the air. It will probably be skewed a bit toward more turrets than modules, and I intend to make it hard to move (it’s a space station, for crying out loud). But we’ll see.

Thanks for the compliments!

Seeing that center piece has given me an ideal and now i will attempt it once i get around to it for my station ideal.

Happy to be of service. :slight_smile:

Same here, i was running out of ideas for the stations of PI Mod, this design gave me several new ideas, ace, can i use some parts of this design as base for new designs?

I have no problem with that (since the parts are hardly my own original work). Let me know if you’d like the .dds sprite to start from (I just posted the .jpg 'cause it seems to work best online).

Long answer: OMFG YAY!
Short answer: YES!

EDIT: And? I just cant wait for start making some space stations! give me the dds give me the dds! (just excited, not drugged :B)

As requested, here is a link for y’all:


This is a zip file with the complete .dds of the overall station, plus (for those with Paint.net) some .pdn files: the station in progress, the core section by itself, and the connecting bits by themselves. The file naming is a bit idiosyncratic, but at least you’ll know which ships I yanked pieces from. Enjoy!

YAY! :smiley:
Awesome man, thank you, i will try to make a big station for PI Mod (there are 4 types of stations on the history, so i have some options ^^) with your work as base, obviously you will recieve the credit for the pre-maked sections ^^

Happy to be of service. You may want to keep an eye out on this thread in the future … there’s a good chance I’ll be doing more of these kind of things now and then. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, you can count with that ^^

As further proof that I occasionally have more time on my hands than is healthy, I present my attempt at a Rebel Station:

This one’s probably still something of a work-in-progress; I’m not sure how much more fiddling I want to do with it. I will say that in my mind, the N-S axis is on a higher level than the E-W axis - though that’s probably me justifying the rather heavy overlap of the center vanes.

As always, I welcome any and all comments. :slight_smile:

Wow, very impresive, it gives me a more agresive impression than the first one, unfurtunately, this one didnt gave me any idea, atm. gw!

aside from the overly stretched parts (the spikes that sticks out), i really love that design! im saving some neat ideas and combinations in mah HD (also known as my brain)

Attemp?? lol, that station is awesome. Even if i am not 100% happy with the engines in middle (maybe something else?), i can say that your attemp has passed the exam :stuck_out_tongue:

If you mean the four outward-pointing nozzles (N-E-S-W), they are actually the nose of the Valkyrie cruiser (the “spinal mount” part). Oddly enough, those outstretched parts are the part I like the best. I’m working on another similar Rebel station concept that looks a little slimmer at the moment. We’ll see how it turns out. Glad folks are liking this work though!

And a second Rebel station, with a little less bulk:

I kind of like how this one turned out too. :slight_smile:

HO-LY F***!!! Oh man, i love it, and even better, this one gave me an idea! I think that i can use almost everything of it for a medium-small sized shipyard!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!

What do you think about it? a second time? :smiley: