Mod about October Revolution

Im currently working on a mod about 1917 October Revolution in Russia during which Lenin’s Bolshevik Party established the world’s first successful scale dictatorship of the proletariat. Im gonna call the mod “Democracy 4: Thermidor” (From French Republican Calendar during which the Thermidorian Reaction took place and abolished the radical government of Maximilien Robespierre). My current plans are to make a mod that takes place during the Russian Civil War (starting from 1918) and the political struggle for leadership in the party after Lenin’s death.

What is to be modded?

The part where i remove the content of the game that wouldn’t match the period (for example electric cars) is already done. The GDP was reworked - now in its place there is gold supply to better simulate gold-backed money which was dominant in the period. I’ve already added a lot of simulations and situations. The economic simulation that is in vanilla version done by GDP is now fragmented into few simulations (such as domestic investment, rate of profit and labor power - how much of employees’ work is recompensated back to them in form of wages and other benefits 100% means that the employer gains no profit as all of it is paid for employees’ wages and 0% means that no worker is paid in wages, basically slavery).

Democracy? In my Soviet Republic?!

Jokes asides Soviet Union in the period of early revolution practiced a type of Soviet Democracy, which worked similarly to liquid democracy (with a major difference of excluding the non-working classes). As the only legal party was the Bolshevik party the Democracy 4’s parliamentary elections couldn’t work in the mod. As such i decided to create a policy that maxes out support from all voting groups to make it almost impossible to loose an election. The player may of course decide to cancel this policy if they want to play the game in a normal way. But even if you decide to play with this policy don’t think that nothing can challange your rule. There will be multiple simulations/situations that you will have to keep in mind when changing policies (currently those are White Army, General Support, Party Unity and Support of Military). If you let any of those drop too low there will be penelties, including Game Over screen (or not depending if it can be triggered by an event).

Mandatory rant about modding Democracy 4

A lot of the changes i did required editing SVG files. I will try to include the files that will have to be replaced in the mod on steam. Sorry but I can’t do much about it. Also equation processor sucks when dealing with more complex math.

New Situation Happend: Modding Democracy 4
Effects: Mental Health -100%