[Mod Compilation] Eichs Legacy


[size=110]>>Is this Mod up to date?[/size]
Yes. The mod is compatible with version 1.63 of GSB.

[size=110]>>Do I need any DLC to play?[/size]

[size=110]>>Where any animals harmed during the creation of this mod?[/size]
Yes. Lots of.


3 new Races (aka Legios, Scavengers and Pirates!)
33 awesome ships
7 challenging scenarios
[size=130][Where to get it?][/size]

[size=110]>>Direct Download[/size]



The Mod is compatible with Steam. Just copy the downloaded files into the game folder. As of yet there is no Steam-Workshop for GSB.


This compilation is now featured on Desura. If your game is linked with Desura in any way don’t bother to DL via Filehoster!

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What a great surprise for my morning! :smiley:
Thank you, Eich – can’t wait to get a chance to jump into Legios again!!! That was the very first modder-created new race for this game. I remember when that was the only non-official GSB race…times have really changed since then. Your place in the history of GSB is assured. :wink:

I will sure try this one out Eich. Thx man

BTW: Astro- why are you green?

Because I come back to you now, at the turn of the tide…”

You now have a global moderator on patrol. Evildoers, trolls, rulebreakers, clueless dunces – beware. :wink:

Just gotta ask (know its off topic)- What Chinese forums? We have one?

No, back in the days hopefast was member of a chinese forum which was dedicated to GSB. A fanmade forum. But it went offline (or dead) a year ago or so. I dropped in from time to time using the google translate thingy to check what the feedback was :wink:

I greet ye, from beyond the grave! Even in death I still haunt these forums… I noticed the humble Positech bundle and thought that there may be an influx of new players in the coming days. Therefore I did a quick test to see if my mod still works with the current version of the game. To my displeasure it does not. The “Assume Direct Controle” option results in a CTD after the battle starts. Any help to solve this issue is highly appreciated!

Greetings O ghost of modding past :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you let me know how to replicate the problems with the Direct Control functions. Reason why i ask is that the mod works perfectly fine on my fossil of a machine with or without direct control.

Well that is jolly good! As it turns out, my game crashes no matter what race I use (in direct control). I will reinstall the game and see if the bug persists. Good to know that everything is still working fine :wink: Thanks Darkstar ^^

PS: Yep, works just fine with a new build.

Well, there seems to be no way to edit this post so I will resurrect it. I’m cleaning up my old hard drive and stumbled upon the old compilation. I uploaded it to Mega so I can format the hard drive:


And greetings to all the people out there who still roam this forum. Almost then years now I think since GSB was released… Time really does fly!

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