I spend 1 year on making this Gundam mod.
In fact,I can finish this work in 2 or 3 months.Unfortunately,as I haved to work,there was hardly time for me to make this mod.
All ship textures came from Homeworld 2 Gundam MOD 3.01 and Homeworld 2 Gundam Seed MOD .
OK,let me introduce it to you.

This package includes four new maps (three usual missions and one infinite), 13 ships (13 Cruisers),22 gundams (12 Frigates and 10 Fighters),4 Fighters and some special modules.

There is a “three-in-one” background music in it(CHAR’s Counter Attcak Main Title、正義と自由、艦隊戦). The weapon modules might be a little bit imbalanced but I think it’s still acceptable. The new maps might be difficult for the original species.

If you have any questions comments or feedback
send an email to hopefast@live.cn or post a message on here

Extract the file into wherever you have placed the game

-> This mod is only compatible for the GSB 1.50 version.(or over 1.50)

-> If you have downloaded my beta mod before, please delete them in your game folder, ship hulls setting documents
(\My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\ships)

-> You need 50000 honor point to unlock this spiecies.
Have fun! :slight_smile:


My English is still very poor D:


Very nice looking models, keep the good job there! The red ones are not from the old star blazers mod??

Nope, those are from gundam, i never watched gundam, but i know it because they appear as mothership in a Homeworld 2 mod.

Undergoing final testing, if not BUG, then a few days to upload MOD

正在进行最后的测试,如果没有BUG的话,过几天就可以上传MOD了 :smiley:

Well, the mod in general looks awesome, some graphics can be upgraded, and i find very interesting that missile spam, those missiles/decoys are excessively separated and i like that :smiley:
How did you do that? High turning_speed and low speed values?

I’ve uploaded the file, now available for download :smiley:

Looks good. A few things are extremely overpowered though. For example

4 Sniper Rifles, Gundarium Armor, Gundam Engine

You get

1000 range, 6.4 speed, 49 armor, 3800 credits.

Nothing from the normal game can hit them, except missile/painter. 49 armor and 1000 range ensures that they stay practically immune to those as well.

While the Frigate Gundam Lasergun MK2 is easily the best gun in the mod with 62.9 damage rating, Snipers are used to avoid the shockwave damage that are common among the Gundam Campaign.

Hi. Um, I know this is a bit of thread necromancy, but where can I get this mod? I love Gundam, so… I need this bit of awesomeness.

mediafire.com/download/bc76q … -30%29.rar

Gundam fan here, is this mod any good?

its way OP