[MOD] Praetorian Industries v1.2b


Problemo sorted with your solution. Thanks very much praetors, your infinite wisdom is awesome!


Oh yes, I just remembered something. Don’t know if this was intentional, but “Epilogue - Remains” unlocks after completing the second last scenario rather that the final one.


Everything was recorded with Fraps and edited with Sony Vegas Studio 10. You can get Fraps for free but with a record limit of 30 consecutive seconds. Wich is enough to make several clips and join the all with SVS 10 ^^

Infinite wisdom? oh man, i’m a bit far from infinite, for now… bwahahahaha :B

Just a question (for everyone), should i add a FAQ with the solutions of problems like the one of above to the main post?

That was definitely not intentional… hehehehe, will fix it for v1.2, thanks for reporting sir! ^^

As a fast news report, i’ve currently stopped the progress for v1.2. My main objective now is to release a “beta” of The Exiles, wich is very close. The reason of this is to verify if the people likes the idea of a NPC race or if they dont, then i would expand it a bit more, or just leave the project as a playable beta and continue with more important mods, respectively.


Progress Report:

Pic of the Day: Minefields Added!

Minefield System added to most of campaing scenarios that involves Praetorian Station Defense. You may like to try HARD mode when v1.2 is released >=D

Another pic!: EX-Urantia Project!

Planning to add a new scenario to the Campaing Against Praetorian Industries. This new station class (battlestation to be more exact) are designed to work as giant spatial walls of deadly energy. Its main weapon is nothing less than a laser barrier/network that gives a powerfull shock to anything that gets too close. A weapon only possible thanks to the swarm wings, adapted as energy collectors and several extra power generation techs. Since they are mostly based on swarm tech, they are pretty cheap to make.

And another one!: Select wich one you like more!

Let me know wich option you like more!


I really like the exaggerated appearance of the second one


lol… uhm, you mean the middle one right?

Anyone else? thoughts?


ermmm yess the middle one… sorry for asking, but is there a difference between the top,or bottom variants? the middle one obviously has engines big enough to be cannons in their own, but thats besides the point


The only difference between the three designs is the engine size. The middle one is the largest one, the upper one is the middle sized one, and the other is an unaltered order engine.
The middle ones gives to the ship a feeling of speed and power, the other two are more delta-wing looking ships, wich some persons like more.

Any thoughts about the other pics? anyone? xD


I’m not sure what the ultimate intent of this hull is, but personally I like the bottom one. Sometimes less really is more. :slight_smile:


Medium Corvette atm ^^

Thats a draw, anyone else wants to chose?


can i vote twice?


Personally I find the middle’s engines too big. It just doesn’t look right. I’d go with the top or bottom one.


is there an easy way, to update, i haven’t really updated at all


wut? xD


Updating process is the same as installation, just overwrite everything.


will that screw up ship i currently have saved though (also do i need the outcasts)


Saves are only affected by hull and module names. Unless they are changed (which they almost never are) you’ll notice nothing. It’s the same as getting an update for GSB.


okay but do i need the outcasts for this update?


Its much more recomended to delete the main mod folder and then copy/uncompress the new one on its place.

No and No. Atm no outcast stuff is needed, only to have the last version installed, of course.

And i confirm that i never do that type of changes to my codes. And if i do, i will let you know.

Progress Report:

> EX-Syluminia Diplomatic Shuttle Added. Little story and pic below.

Pic of The Day:

[i]<< The EX-Syluminia is the result of a bad commercialization project with the Swarm. Our company offered a new hull for those space birds in exchange of a part of their technology. More exactly, Praetorian Industries offered a contract to construct 300 units in exchange of 30000 credits, 2 cruisers 2 frigates and a scuadron of fighters, all of them fully equiped. A Swarm faction agreed, sent a half of their part of the contract and the project started.

Soon after, another wave of swarm fleets came from nowhere, as usual, and started their invasion routine, this time to the main Federation territory.

After some standard weeks of continuous battle at the Federation territories, the Swarm asked if we could send several units right to some important target.
60 EX-Syluminias reached the destination, none suvirved, and the target was still there.
The reason of this is that the swarm sent one of their taksforces and the entire group of prototypes right inside a well planned ambush of the Feds; The Swarm taskforce arrived pretty close, but at a safe distance of a group of Federation Dreadnoughts. At least “safe” in comparision of the little and much faster prototypes, wich didn’t had time to slow down from FTL and literally crashed against the thick armour of those behemoths.

Since the Praetorian crews had time to give the control of the ships and return home before the battle, there were no casualties in our side. But the Swarm is another story… They were very angry, didn’t admited that was their fault, and never sent the rest of their part of the contract, marking the end of it.

After that little economic disaster, the company made some reformations to our commercial politics, and decided to use the rest of the prototypes and their unusual combination of beauty with high speeds.
This is the origin of the EX-Syluminia Diplomatic shuttle, a ship commonly seen away from the battle, in commercial stations and trade routes, always looking for more political and economic profits for the always growing company called: Praetorian Industries. >>[/i]

Hope you like it, i do, lol


updated, must have screwed up: