[Mod] The Uglies (Closed) =But it was a fun ride=


Opps, beat to the punch, oh well. :slight_smile: As long as it is working.


Ok. My first fighter works great! I couldn’t be happier with my results. Now another small issue.

My picture should explain: (If it doesn’t show, mediafire is being slow. Have patience.)

For some reason, my fighter badge groupings look like they are hulks. Does the little ship badge symbol pull from the hulk file?


I don’t think the sprite is hulking out, I think it just may be a draw error that has to do with scale. Sometimes my B5 sprites loose fine details like the antennae sticking off the bow etc when they are drawn as sprites. It isn’t anything I would worry a great deal about.


Just an update folks. Over the past few days (weekend plus Kuhio Day, a state holiday!!!) I’ve been plodding along with the base modules for the uglies. It’s almost done and I’m getting to understanding how you guys can take so long making these mods. It’s darn time consuming.

See my original posts for more details.

So the vanilla turrets are complete, the only thing left is to make their hulks for the “uglies_turret.dds” file (then add in my own modules! XP). Hopefully I’m not forgetting anything super important that’ll make the game not work…again. LOL.

Coded in a couple new fighters (their pictures will be uploaded in due time to the appropriate place). I’m going for different fighters with different roles in mind as I really want to expand the versatility of the ship-class. So far I have different fighters planned with different roles or combinations of roles:

Scout (Decoy/target assist) (+speed, small size, 1 turret / 1 standard)*
Interceptor (counter-fighter) (+speed, small size, 1 turret / 2 standard)*
Fighter (multi-role) (+speed, 1 turret / 3 standard)*
Assault (attack oriented) (=speed, ratio = 2T:1S)*
Bomber (anti-capital) (+armor, +shield, -speed, modules 1T:2S)*
Support (frigate/cruiser defense) (+armor, +shield, big size, modules 1T:3S)*
Gunboat (large multi-role) (+armor, +shield, -speed, big size, modules 3T:1S)*

*Not finalized of course.

Hopefully I’ll be able to begin on the bigger ships soon.


Hi all,

I’m ready to release the first version of the Uglies!!

What to expect:

6 fighters
12 modules
custom turrets
custom race photo
OP fighter weapons (Tried to balance them)

Uglies Build V0.1 (April 3rd, 2012)

Download Links:

PC: http://www.mediafire.com/?yl4qc8xbdgzy60g

Mac: http://www.mediafire.com/?n74i150qsib1bx1

Please let me know what you guys think so far. Gonna start on frigates soon. I’ll also upload a series of “chop shop” image packets of the “puzzle pieces” I used to make all of my fighters and turrets (saved them all! :)). Maybe others can utilize them, making ship creation a little easier with ready made parts!


Well with sufficient feedback, the “OP” of your fighter weapons should wind up properly reined in. (I don’t think anyone here minds a little OP-ness in our morning mod cereal, just not two whole scoops.)

I will do my best to download and test this to give you some feedback in the short term, but you may have to be patient. Between my own modding efforts and other real-world pressures, there aren’t enough hours in some days.


I will attempt to test it out as soon as i can. I have kinda fell away from GSB for World of tanks, world of warcraft, and a few other online games with buddies and roommate. But I will try to test this mod out and see if i can help tweak a few things.


I hear ya. It’s quite difficult to find the time to do modding. With other video games, RL, etc. and such taking time away.

I’ve never partook in a modding endeavor before and if this game is on the easier side of the modding schema, it’s really time consuming with a learning curve that I’ve still only hit the rock bottom of. I’ve definitely become friends with GIMP. However, I’ve felt a real sense of pleasure seeing things I’ve made being played within the scope of a great video game. We all have Cliffski to that for the ease in which we can mod. Thanks Cliff.

Oh I’ve been wondering…!! Can fighters can use the Order’s tractor beam connector technology on the hulls? It’d be cool if they could!


Hey everyone!

I’ve packaged all of the “Chop Shopped” ship parts I use for the creation of my hulls.

So far, I’ve spliced parts of Fighters and Frigates to make both types in addition to a new ship type which I’ve dubbed “Gunboats.”

Anyway, I won’t bore you with technical mumbo jumbo so here’s the links to the packs.

Uglies Chop Shop of Ship Parts Pack 1

Uglies Chop Shop of Turret Parts

Whoops! Should add they are currently only mac friendly in that they are .png files. But I’m pretty sure PCs can use them and then when you’re done you can convert the whole file to a .dds.

Lols, here you PC guys go!

Chop Shop Parts for PC


There are some really nice and ugly fighters in there (liberator Assault fighter is my favorite)

So what is next Frigates or Cruisers ?


I’m working on Frigate-sized ships currently.

So far I have 1 frigate and 3 ships whose class I’ve dubbed “Gunboats.”

Gunboats are essentially fighters that carry 1, 2, or 3 frigate turrets on them. They range in size from 21 to 39 meters. Their small “Frigate” size is off set with reductions in speed and they have the Praetorian “-99% CostBoost” which is utilized for their class of modules and weapons that are lighter than normal frigate modules and do not need any crew.

The Gunboat-class of ships will be the backbone of the Uglies Frigate-sized fleet with larger, classic, Frigates getting only vanilla weaponry but a range of support modules to help out other ships. (PDs, ShieldBoosters, Carrier Bays, etc.)


I’m not dead! See?! Hah!

I give the GSB community version 0.2 of the “Uglies!”

Mac Version 0.2

PC Version 0.2

What to expect(aka Changelog):

6 fighters
3 Gunboats
2 Frigates
48 modules
Rebalance of weapon modules. Darn it…I forgot what I did though. In the next release I’ll document the changes! Promise!!

Gunboats (Explained)

All of my gunboats have a -99% costboost, an indicator that they have unique weaponry that only they can use as the price for their modules are ridiculously high for any ship to use other than them. 

Rather than rely on crew modules, Gunboats utilize "Gunners."  They come in two flavors "AI" and "Real."  The AI gunners are much cheaper but due to limited processing power they lack the efficiency of a "real" gunner and give a minus to targeting speed.  The Real gunners are more expensive but they give bonuses to targeting speed rather than a debuff.  Hopefully the boost in targeting speed (or cheap cost) will promote the use of gunboats.


I still really dig the funky kitbashed designs here. So naturally I haven’t had a chance to download and test. Maybe by this weekend I’ll get the chance. Or maybe not. Sigh. At any rate, I do plan to pull down this mod and give it a look-through to see what I can contribute in the form of constructive feedback.

(I really like the Liberator design - puts me in mind of the Vipers from Battlestar Galactica.)


Hey folks,

I’m teaching summer school again this year and it’s pretty hectic. A few cruiser designs are in the works but they are long from completion. The next steps for me would be to start designing some scenarios for some epic fighter swarming action. So hang tight as I get used to the pace of a change in normal “life.”


Holy hell it’s been a long time.

I mean, LONG time.

Life never returned to “normal.”

I don’t think I’ll be updating my mod or making anymore contributions to GSB (didn’t even know GSB2 came out), but wow.

Just an update for the ages I guess because I was brought back to this site after finding my GSB application while looking for my newly downloaded MAC Total Annihilation game.

I loaded it up and OMG, the memories!

So it naturally brought me back here. And what do you know, few are still here and modding. Archduke Astro is now staff - huge congratulations to you, sir!

I just thought I’d write an update about, well, myself:

Since the summer of 2012, when I last posted, I am now working as a teacher of History at one of the best High Schools on the island of O’ahu, Waipahu High. I got the position right after that summer school teaching fling. Now I am happily tenured and looking to begin the fifth year of teaching 9th grade World HIstory.

There is little time to do anymore development and such on GSB now that my career is in full swing. But regardless, it was really cool to look back at all the mods and the community that helped me create (part of) something that I didn’t know I thought I could.

Seriously, thank you guys for the support. This community is awesome.

Currently, I am an advisor for my school’s robotics team. The next step is learning java to help with First Robotics next year. And it is hard (and boring). But looking back at how difficult it was to get my one little fighter to work properly in-game, I’m sure I can handle.

Hit me up on Steam, I have the same SN