[Mod] The Uglies (Closed) =But it was a fun ride=

Special Thanks to the following individuals for their help and/or inspiration:

Cliffski (for the original game)
Archduke Astro

I’m not dead! See?! Hah!

I give the GSB community version 0.2 of the “Uglies!”

Mac Version 0.2

PC Version 0.2

What to expect(aka Changelog):

6 fighters
3 Gunboats
2 Frigates
48 modules
Rebalance of weapon modules. Darn it…I forgot what I did though. In the next release I’ll document the changes! Promise!!

Uglies Build V0.1 (April 3rd, 2012)

Download Links:

PC: http://www.mediafire.com/?yl4qc8xbdgzy60g

Mac: http://www.mediafire.com/?n74i150qsib1bx1

“Chop Shop” Parts Packs (April 18th, 2012)

Mac: Ship Parts 1

Mac: Turret Parts

PC: PC Pack


[size=150]The Uglies[/size] (Reformatted for the GSB Universe)


The “Uglies” are an ever-growing movement of like-minded individuals from across the GSB universe representing almost all forms of life and allegiance. In the GSB universe’s constant state of warfare, these individuals have begun the fight against the general governmental trend of silencing and discrimination of the rights of against the public.

The Uglies, in the past, before the wars and becoming more militant, were a relatively small band of ship fabricators/“hot rodders” that enjoyed breaking apart military and civilian vessels and redesigning them from the ground up by combining parts for greater aesthetic and/or efficiency purposes, modifying weapons and flight control systems to work on non-native ships, and calculating fire control and power regulation algorithms for cross-race weapons installation.

The Uglies, as a militant movement, has roots within human controlled Rebel and Tribe space but has expanded to include membership in the Federation, Alliance, Empire, Order, and Nomads. The only races that don’t have active members are Swarm and Parasite.

The sparks that allowed for the creation of such protest against lawmakers was the loss of freedoms for the public. While earlier acts of law created militant organizations like the Rebels and the Tribe it was not until the passage of the following that caused the Uglies to push into the fray and become not only an alternative, “against the grain” group of ship modders, but an ARMED alternative group of ship modders:

(COA) Communication Observation Act

  • Allows Federation government to survey outgoing communications of citizens to other political entities.
  • Blocks communications and digital networking capabilities of certain individuals without consent or due process through algorithmic calculation of “risk.” A quantifiable assessment for such “risk” is not clear in the legislation.

(MSA) Mercantilism Securities Act

  • Requires merchants to purchase only from Federation owned manufacturers.
  • Requires non-Federation merchants to register with government for surveillance.

(D466) Doctrine 466 – Online Sharing Ban

  • Prohibits online information from being shared on non-Empire controlled servers.
  • Bans Imperial subjects from viewing content outside of Empire controlled servers.
  • Punishes caught individuals with jail time and a fine.

(6LSEA) 6-Legged Security of Exports Act

  • Forbade the movement of Alliance goods into other political regions of the universe (therefore hurting businesses).
  • Required Alliance citizens traveling to other systems within Alliance controlled space to pay tariff fees as tourism became considered a taxable “import/export” commodity.

(HIIA) Hive Information Inoculation Act

  • Requires all Alliance citizens to link with their hive minds at required intervals for “security of hive from internal espionage.”
  • Penalty for not meeting required deadlines or refusal is “mental subjugation” (hive mind “stores” thinking functions permanently).

(99SRS) Order 99: Security of Religious Sacraments

  • Order citizens are prohibited from sharing religious views on online mediums.
  • No basis for definition of “sharing religious views” in text.
  • Punishment can range from blocking of network access to execution.
  • Individuals have been reported convicted of non-“religious” sharing of information that are subject to fine.

(100TE) Order 100: Trade Embargo

  • Severely limits trade except for SPECIFIC, high value, goods (seemingly targeting the bourgeois)

(101AI) Order 101: Agricultural Initiative

  • Order also promotes the expansion of Order agricultural bases requiring certain groups along the Order’s socio-economic ladder to take up farming for the Gods.

(AOSD) Anti-Online Settlement Decree

  • The elders banned the use of online sites that require membership to access content as the “digital footprint” created is a form of “settlement” and makes it easier for enemies of the Nomads to discover where the fleet is.
  • Punishment for rule breakers is banishment from the fleet.

Since the passage of the aforementioned governmental legislation, membership in the Uglies movement has grown exponentially as more and more citizens, fed up with government encroachment on their rights, join the cause lending their knowledge to help better the cause of freedom of information, social networking, collaboration, and trade.

Government opposition to the movement has been extraordinarily harsh for members of especially the Order, Nomads, and Alliance. Numerous “Uglies” members have since become martyrs for the cause of freedom from oppressive government regulation and surveillance.

As the people realize they have more power than once thought, the Uglies will grow. The Uglies want law makers to realize that they cannot repress the masses with the expectation of complacency for long. If the governments do not change the way they manage their peoples, will revolution occur at the worst possible time?

Description of Race

The Uglies race should breakdown as follows:

Hull numbers:

6 - 8 Fighter Designs
3 - 5 Frigate Designs
2 - 3 Cruiser Designs

Uglies are more ship modders than manufacturers so Fighters, being smaller and cheaper, will have more benefits and less shortcomings. Frigates, being in the middle will have few module spaces with emphasis on carrier bays and support roles. Cruisers will have the most shortcomings and will be on the small side, almost frigate sized, with few module spaces.


All ships will have at least -5% hull integrity. They are “Frankensteins” after all.

+0% to +25% Speed Boost
+0% to +25% Power Output Boost
+0% to +25% Shield Boost
+0% to +10% Armor Boost
+0% Cost Boost

+0% to +15% Power Output Boost
+0% to +15% Shield Boost
+0% to +10% Armor Boost

+0% to +15% Speed Boost
+0% to +20% Power Output Boost
+0% to +10% Shield Boost

Special Modules

Uglies will be have major advantages in the Fighter department in terms of weaponry, armor, shields, engines, and accessories. However, their frigate weaponry will be pretty much canon except for a few support modules. Their Cruiser modules will be less effective than canon races with nerfs to targeting speed, range, and power (not penetration).

Reserved for Designs

My First Design Concept!

Herald Interceptor (V1.1)

My first design. Small and sleek, perfect for sending other fighters to their abyssal grave.


Length = 11 meters Power Produced = 3 Cost = 30 Hardpoints = 1 Modules = 2 Bonuses = -35% Integrity, +20% Speed

Liberator Assault Fighter (v1.0)

Much dakka dakka with this heavy hitter. Many gun placements. Slow but oh so damaging.


Length = 16 meters Power Produced = 9 Cost = 60 Hardpoints = 5 Modules = 3 Bonuses = -15% Integrity, +30% Power

Defiance Fighter (v1.0)

Standard issue fighter of the Uglies. What it lacks in conceptual beauty it makes up for in effectiveness and consistent combat performance.


Length = 13 meters Power Produced = 4 Cost = 45 Hardpoints = 1 Modules = 3 Bonuses = -15% Integrity, +10% Speed

Justice Scout (v1.0)

Fast and nimble, this fighter is the Uglies “eye in space” as these brave pilots risk life and limb flying a ship with little to no weapon systems or defenses. However, the information they provide is invaluable, especially when they help send a wave of missiles straight into an enemy cruiser’s command center.

Length = 9 meters Hardpoints = 1 Modules = 1 Bonuses = -50% Integrity, +30% Speed Power Produced = 2 Cost = 20

Uglies Vanilla turrets

Using the “nomads” race.txt as a guide, I’ve created the vanilla turrets for the “Uglies.” (Note: Still working on hulks)

Hope it’s pretty good. Just a lot of “chop shop” work with the different races’ turret pieces. They are all pretty different. The top row combines pieces of empire turrets and alliance. I think. The rest have all sort of turrets mixed in. Plus I’ve discovered the “change colors” tab on gimp. So I’ve been toying with colors more and more.

Inspiration: In the Star Wars EU (Expanded Universe), canon characters (Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, etc.) in multiple novella series run into pirate bands flying ships called “Uglies.” These ships, created by the pirates, are “Frankenstein” star-fighters made from the pieces of famous Republic x-wings, y-wings, and the like, as well as Imperial TIEs of all sorts and varieties. Though cumbersome and dilapidated, these “uglies” gave the Star Wars heroes a run for their money…sort of.

(I do not own this picture nor created it. All credit goes to the original creator, whom is unknown.)

The image above combines elements of the X-wing, Y-wing and TIE Interceptor to create what the creator dubbed the “Z’ceptor.”


What a pleasant surprise – this looks intriguing!

BTW, I’m thrilled to have your confirmation (see above picture) that my original guess about the half-remembered Star Wars origin of the “Uglies” nickname was right on target. :wink:

I really like the idea and the story (Reflecting current events well!) but the ship that you have given us is to me too pristene not very ‘junky’. Perhaps if you added a rust to the modules or bits missing they might look more… ugly :slight_smile:

I thought about doing that but Eich’s scavenger mod kind of does that already. As i learn more on how to photo edit using Gimp, I’ll continue to add things. Still really learning how to use editing software. I know what you mean though.

Added an updated photo of the “Herald” Fighter. Posted up first shot of the new “Vengeance” Fighter.

I kind of dig them. It makes the Parasite cockpit you’re using look a little more customized. But as always, YMMV. Just my $0.02.

I’m having an issue folks. White boxes of serious “ugliness.” I know the ships are supposed to be “ugly” but that white box is so atrocious.

Here’s the pic:

Here’s the race.txt.:


I’m using the “Nomads” race.txt as a template (I didn’t change much yet…maybe that’s the probelm :P)

Here is the ship.txt.:


I’m using a nomad fighter as the template as well.

If anyone can help, I’d appreciate it. I thought I did everything right since the learning curve for this coding and stuff is a bit overkill for my newbishness.

  1. Did you have a ship_sprite.dds texture with two images (normal and damaged) side by side?
  2. Are you using weapons with turret size greater than zero?

Well, from looking at your text files I don’t see anything wrong there. You obviously have your files in the right place, since the game is letting you deploy the fighters.

Little more information, please: What sprite files do you have set up for this fighter? As in, what are they named and what is in them?

(In the interests of honesty, I will admit that I don’t know how much difference being a Mac mod has, but as far as I know the basic rules still apply, so I’m approaching the troubleshooting the same as any of my Windows mods.)

I agree with AcePalarum, I can not see anything wrong with the text files.
The only things i can think of (apart from what Dantalion has already suggested)

  • Sprite names, damage & hulk texture are case sensitive

Question, do the ships warp in as ships then become white boxes ?
Link to an old thread with similar problem / solution <-might be worth a read

I would check the file/folder structure for the images. It seems like it is having trouble finding them, your text file looks okay to me.

Here’s the complete mod folder.

Hopefully something wrong is there.


NVM…I think I found it. _damaged was _Damaged

Never mind the never mind. Still not working. Argh.

I changed my sprite from 128x64 to 256x128. Now it appears as it should! Thanks darkstar.

Welcome :slight_smile:

I have downloaded the mod - gonna have a look through later (more curiosity than anything else)

There is a problem with your engine glows as well
current code:

0 = 128,182,3,6,"imperialengineglow.png","",1,1.0

Should be more like:

0 = 222.00,175.00,3.63,4.69,earthengineglow.dds,engine_debris,0,1.00 1 = 33.00,175.00,3.63,4.69,earthengineglow.dds,engine_debris,0,1.00

Easy Fix