[Mod] Unity v2.032 - A New Threat


After having played through, struggled with, but enjoyed all the Uni:T Prime missions, I’ve discovered a problem. In the final battle with the core, it’s actually possible to ‘win’ without having to engage the core at all. What you have to do is completely opposite to your hint on winning the final battle.

What I did was deploy my standard fleet as far back as possible to draw the mobile elements of the Uni:T forces onto them. These they destroyed leaving just the core and surrounding stations. Now as my standard fleet is really slow, it was then left with a long slog across space to get to the core which, as it’s so far away, took a great deal of time. So much so in fact that the game got bored and ‘called’ the result meaning a 97:43 victory for me. Very funny, but also very unsatisfying. If I deployed the same fleet further forward, it was destroyed by the core.

If you update the mod, you might think about changing the deployment on this map to avoid this exploit. If you staggered the immobile stations into more discrete defensive lines and had ships in formation with them at the back, the attacker would be forced to engage the stations, then the ships that get released when that station is destroyed, then on to another station and so on, until they have to fight the core.

Just a thought.

Otherwise, great mod and obviously something that required one hell of a lot of work on your part.


Shhhhhh!. . . . Since this mod was released I have managed to keep that flaw a secret.

Well, a victory is a victory . . .
Mind you your fleet is rather well designed if it only suffered 3% loss from the onslaught of the guardian forces.
But its good to know that the core can rip em apart if they get into range :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah yes, i see what you mean, like a breadcrumb trail to draw in the fleet to their doooooom.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Along with the combined arms exploit there are a one or two things I could do, to make an update worthwhile. As always if people have suggestions of what they think I could do, that would improve the mod then by all means post it here. If/When i delve back into the code I will see if I can implement the ideas presented.