My Latest map (1.63)Updated to 1.66

As seen in dev blog #93 this map is a 200x200 map with around 400 importers and can produce 400+ cars per hour.
Includes room for 4 completely separate lines of production

Warning : I have not focused on Sandbox mode. I have added a large sum of money as the starting fund in version 0.6 (delayed) will include a version that has locked buildings in the map if there are people that would like an all unlocked building version Please comment below


Save games:

Map Version 0.34: Available Map and Save from video
Map Version 0.58: Map Available no save yet (will be added soon)
Map Version 0.6: Will split to add a more sandbox version (ETA Mid Feb)

how do I use this??? cant load ijn game are view???

Can you publish version 0.53 please?

I have uploaded a newer version its not exactly labeled as 0.53 but is an update. I’ll try to work on 0.6 (what would have been 0.53) soon but no promises until mid february

I am having to do some gameplay testing to figure the correct starting fund and rent for each building so that will take time to perfect

you take the text (.txt) and put in the custom_missions folder and you put the save (.xml) in the savegames which is most likely in the documents my game under production line

Version 0.59 will be released tomorrow to fix the extra importers added in version 0.58 for the chassis area

Updated to 0.59.1:
-Modified some importers for the accessories section of the plant.
Also created version 0.59.1-Unlocked for anyone who doesn’t want to manually unlock the map for free play modes