Updated to 1.66. Events system, Car hood opening, Faster Imports & More


Hi everyone. This new update marks us declaring that the game is now BETA. That means we are not planning any more major new features pre-release (although we are very likely to continue updating the game post-release).
This also means we will be shifting direction more towards bug fixes, tweaks and improvements to stuff like the tutorial.

PLUS WE ARE PLANNING ON RAISING THE PRICE. (We cannot do this until 12th Feb, which is when it will go to $24.95).

Here are the changes in the new version released today:


  1. [Bug] Fixed some graphical glitches with overhead conveyors appearing behind things they were in front of, and vice versa.
  2. [Feature] Added new ‘world events’ to the game which start in the late game and affect prices / demand / features etc.


  1. [GUI] Research queue names are now cropped to elipsis (…) rather than word wrapped, which caused issues in German.
  2. [Feature] cars now open their hood/bonnet (or trunk/boot for sports cars) to have engines worked on.


  1. [Bug] Fixed some mixing or badly translated text in various locations.
  2. [Bug] Doubled memory pool for routes to prevent this error: “Too many Path Objects requested!”
  3. [Bug] You can no longer change the floor texture of floors ‘outside’ the factory zones.
  4. [Content] Potential, unbuilt export slots now show a shuttered slot rather than just a gap.
  5. [Content] New researchable ‘type 2’ resource importer speeds up resource importing by 20% (also stacks with general speed upgrade research).
  6. [Bug] Fixed rare crash bug on launching the production manager screen.
  7. [Content] Lots more wall texture options!

  1. [Content] New wall-clocks for sales dept, world map for shipping department and animated CNC milling machine for engine block manufacture slot.


Hope you like these new changes. Don’t forget to tell your friends who may be thinking of getting the game that the price goes up soon!
If you have any feedback on this update please let me know. Like I say, we are mostly looking to tweak, balance and improve the tutorial at this point.

Thanks to everyone who continue to support the game, it is much appreciated, this game would not be as good as it is without the supportive community here and on our website, reddit etc.
BTW our latest developer video blog is here:

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Is there a way to see what “world events” are occurring real time?

You do get notified of them by a popup in the bottom-right of the screen, but I’m not sure if thats enough notice tbh.