New Engine construction system. Feedback welcome

The old system just split fitting the engine to the car into flywheel, starter motor and valves. This always caused a bottleneck and was unrealistic, as nobody actually assembles a car engine in the car. Plus the opportunity to set up a separate line for car engines which then got merged wwith the car sounded like good fun.
After some thinking about the best way to do this, and to retain flexibility and not introduce entirely new levels of confusion and complexity, I decided that handling car engines as a resource (just like steel) made the most sense. That way I could re-use the existing mechanics, and overhead conveyor system, but I could also use this opportunity to introduce extra features to the whole idea of resource objects and upgrades…

In the current version of the game, resource objects are just objects. A chunk of steel is a chunk of steel. It can be used as the input to a slot which effectively turns it into a sheet of steel, but thats it. Any manufacturing upgrades are limited to merely making the steel sheet faster, cheaper or using less power.
I decided we could do better :smiley:

Now car features can also be applied to resources. So for example, a manufacturing slot which makes car starter motors (which I’ve renamed ECU, to reflect that this is a more complex and all-encompassing component), can simply churn out ECUs, or it can be upgraded (after the relevant research) to add the ‘stop start’ feature to the component. This means that when that ECU is combined with an engine assembly and Transmission to create a powertrain object, that object also now has the ‘stop start’ feature, and then when it gets fitted to the car, the finished car now has that feature too.

This works with the new engine assembly system as follows:

We have new resource types:

  • ECU (previously starter motor)
  • Engine Block
  • Transmission

A new manufacturing slot produces Engine assemblies by combining engine blocks and valves.
A new manufacturing slot produces drive trains by combining engine assemblies , ECUs and Transmissions.
The old 'fit engine assembly slot now fits the powertrain to the car in a single action.

Eventually I can add new manufacturing slots for the new transmission and engine block, to further flesh-out the whole engine production process.

The only complexity I had left to solve today was to make it apparent to the player what extra upgrades had been applied to resource objects. I decided to use something similar to tooltips, but red, which show up when you select the slot that contains them. For example here is the powertrain construction slot without being highlighted.

And now with.

I don’t yet have new resource graphics for power-train, engine block and transmission, so I’m using my ‘engine’ graphic for all of them for the time being :smiley:
Feedback and questions most welcome. This is aimed for 1.15.

“Start Stop”? Might want to think on that name before sending it out into the wild.

Excited for the new system! So many possibilities for this, V8 engines, Hybrid engines… Adding a “Remote Starter” upgrade would be nice as well. Those that live in cold climates LOVE their remote starters.

Let the slot tetris begin!

I am surprised as you are to discover thats what its called :smiley:

Any chance for us to be able to choose the type of engine Cliff? Aka, the number of valves?

This is definitely what I am aiming towards, which is why I worked on that system, as now the engine assembly could have upgrades that changed the valve number :smiley:

It looks quite nice.
Any chance to see more indepth engine designs or event fully electrical cars or plugin hybrids and all between?
Also i hope you will implement the right order of production steps, for example it is quite difficult to install the brakes after you fitted the wheels. I tried and lets say the rim has now an interesting shape

But keep up the work. It´s a dangerously addictive game.

I want subassembly areas to be a thing.

A station to fit a finished engine which you either buy or make yourself.

And a subassembly area where you construct the engines with multiple station and resources.

If you look at Factorio as a good example, you create small areas that produce a final product, which is then shipped to a machine that required this product plus other products.

So a machine that required 3 finished products have 3 smaller subassembly areas.

Won’t be using the regular resource conveyors for transporting the engines from slot to slot be problematic when it comes to upgrade flexibility?

The thought I’m having there is what if for a certain model you want very basic engines and for another model you want more upgrades added to the engine…

… as I see it the Resource Conveyors will be quite problematic when routing all that since you can’t really control the item flow on resource conveyors as well… or will one be able to tell which engine and which engine upgrades to fit into a car?

That is why I would probably have done it in a similar fashion as the car conveyors work… just for engines… where engines go from slot to slot which may or may not be equipped with upgrades … and at the last stage the engines are fused with the car body in the Fit Engine slot (which has the input for cars and the input for the engines)


The New Engine construction system is great idea. New red manufacturing robots are super cool! :slight_smile:

This could be solved by adjusting the the station to only request engines with certain upgrades on it. This way you can control what engine goes to what station to be fitted into the car.

I think eventually we will have to implement a system which gives you finer logic control at each slot, such as ‘only fit every 3rd car with this upgrade’ or only fit upgrade if car already has X, and so on. Thats in the future though. For now it will involve some proper separation of slots if you want to produce different engines, but hey…thats an excuse to expand your factory :smiley: