New patch available (1.23)


I downloaded from D2D last night and it was 1.21 … I’ll drop them an email.


Just to update you … D2D has the 1.23 version now



I have Full 1.23, which I recently purchased and downloaded. The Online Update tells me that “An updated version of the game is available”, and tells me to redownload. Redownloading does not change this. Is there such an updated version?


That doesn’t sound right. 1.23 is the latest version, so you already have it. The updater might have got confused somehow.


Unfortunately I have the Mac version and I cannot find a Mac version of the 1.23 patch…

Could anyone please tell me how to deal with this issue?

Thank you in advance.


Hi, you only need 1.23 if its a PC copy because all it changed was a fix for directx vertex buffers which the Mac copy does not use.


Then I need the Mac version of the latest patch whose change log actually includes changes to the gameplay. In the top right corner of my game it says that I am using the 1.11 patch, which does not seem to have some of the changes that are in the 1.23 change log you posted (for example, my game does not upset liberals when I introduce citizenship tests, nor do I have a space programme policy). This would also suggest that the 1.23 patch did more than tweak Windows issues?

Thanks again.


The Mac Version of the game is ported by redmarblegames, a different company who may well number the versions slightly differently to the way I do it, but you could always check with them that you have the latest copy for the Mac.



i have a 1.21 version and after installing it on my new win 7 it dosent work so good… how can i update the 1.23 patch? where can i find the 1.22 and will it work on win 7?



How can I check what version of the game I have and how do I install the patch? I downloaded it and ran it to be saved in the Democracy II folder but a legend came out saying the patching failed.


Hi, the version number is shown in the corner of the main menu screen. If you have version 1.25, that is the latest one.
if for whatever reason the patches fail, you can re-download and re-install the entire game using the download link from the original purchase email (providing you bought the game direct from us).
That version is always updated to be the very latest build of the game. Then just reinstall over the top of the existing game.
If that download link no longer works, email with your details and I can re-activate it for you.


Hi Cliff,
I have a very old version 1.03 of Democracy 2 ( purchased on 17 December 2007) Now if I try to download from the link in the email the ProductID and password don’t work. How I can have a patch for my situation? With the 1.03 version of the game I cannot play on my Win 7 PC…



First, wonderful game. Am very happy now someone bought it for me as a Christmas present

Now, I note the above quote, and the first attachment (below; says “Full 1.25” in the top-right corner)

However, when I check for updates, I get the screen shown in the second attachment (below; apparently there’s a new upgrade for me to install, and I need to re-use my download link to get it)

Is there a new patch (and if so, how do I install it, since apparently my BMT password has expired, despite not being due to until 25th December 2011), or is there something else going on here? Alternatively, am I being stupid, and if so, how do I correct whatever I’ve done wrong?


P.S. How do I get the below things to shrink to something more manageable? Was going to use some URLs, but apparently I can only have one of those per post, and I don’t like double-posting


Same here. Just bought it from D2D. Installed, ran in-game updated, it downloaded some files, and tells me the same message the prior posted has (to reuse the download link). I have 1.25Full at moment.


Hi, I just tried to update my 1.25 copy and found that it still appears to be 1.25?
Is there a new version?


Just installed the game, version 1.25. As above, when I click the update button, I get a message to tell me that an update is available, re-use the download link, but when I do that I get a message saying that the password is blocked. How do I get round this?


There isn’t an update to 1.25, that is the final version, if the game mistakenly thinks there is still an update available, then it’s wrong, and it’s apparently an intermittent bug.