New screenshot

Heres a new screenshot showing the current interface for the game, and visually what to expect. Kudos has a pile of stuff in it already, from careers to relationships, to evening classes, to pets, to writing songs, crime, social networking and job hunting. And there’s going to be tons more put in before it’s released.
Kudos is coming along great, and is aiming for an October release date.

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looks nice :wink:

This game looks awesome! 8)

agreed. Especially if it has the ability for people to mod it. That really made the sims very popular.

about modding - that is crucial. What it really means is the ability to limitlessly affect your game and make it unique.
There has to be a way to inject custom content…

I’ve already started very early work on the file-downloader from within the game. Its going to me an improved version of the kind of system Democracy had.