New sentences to make it into the game-/shipchatter!

(for my new race: the spiders)

AHOI enemies!
“Did that guy just leave his toothpick laying around, or was he just trying to stab me?”
Nurse, some eyepaches please!(, we lost a lot of eyes in that last impact)

I once saw a spider, filled with cider -KAPLOW- yohooh! That did it guys!
I just lost a leg, again…
I just lost another leg…
I guess, I’m bi-legged now…
I…does anyone has a spare leg for me!?
I need a new eyepach,
I need another eyepach… (etc.
General pirate talk from youtube.

The Federation:
(upon ship distruction) if ship decapitated, please note this letter as unsent.
Contract… enforced!

The Rebels

The Alliance

The Empire

anything, just, if you have a good idea for a remark, just post it here so as to inspire the crew at Positech
(not that I don’t think you’re inspired, it’s just fun to be able to add on.

There’s a mod I like to use that adds a lot more chatter to the game.
You can find it in the modding forum.

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