New update to build 1.43 out now

A big update this time with a long list of changes and improvements:

  1. [Feature] When placing down a supply stockpile or a slot with a mini-stockpile, the stockpile tile now automatically gets a free overhead conveyor belt added to that tile.
  2. [Bug] Sandbox text now displayed correctly on choose mission screen when first shown.
  3. [Bug] Fixed flickering effect when dragging a potential resource conveyor that started from a supply stockpile.
  4. [Balance] Increased the price of robot upgrades by 50%
  5. [Gfx] Cars now rotate to the correct facing rather than rotating early, when taking corners!
  6. [GUI] Customers who consider a showroom car to have too-low a spec now do not randomly suggest a missing feature (was confusing players).
  7. [Balance] Adjusted market competition so its more reactive to your capital expenditure and bank balance.
  8. [GUI] Resource importer GUI expanded to show multiple columns when needed.
  9. [Content] New scenario added for the second map.
  10. [Content] Finish paint coat now uses a new resource: colored paint.
  11. [Balance] Reduced the time that stockpiles keep resources that are not being used until they get purged.
  12. [Content] You can now manufacture airbags, using a new resource (sodium azide)
  13. [Gfx] Added some racks of electrical cable to various electrical-using production slots.
  14. [Gfx] Added new animation to polish machine and glass-bending machine.
  15. [Translations] Added Italian, Portuguese and Czech.
  16. [Balance] Keyless entry now requires central locking to be researched first. (thanks to trifler500)
  17. [Feature] Fit dashboard is now researchable to be split into fit controls and fit cabin.
  18. [Feature] Market sales matrix tips now take into account current stock in the showroom.
  19. [Balance] Vehicle conveyor speed upgrades are now more effective.
  20. [Bug] Fix for the ‘too many sales records’ bug.(also a memory optimisation)

We have a bunch of new graphical stuff in there, translation for 3 new languages (hurrah!) and also some new features for luxury cars which should make the end game more interesting,. plus a new scenario and a bunch of usability and bug fixes.

I’ve been made aware that some VERY BIG games are brushing up against the 32bit limit for memory which is 2GB. We dont have immediate plans to port the game to 64 bit, but we have cunning plans for how to noticeable reduce memory consumption which will also result in performance improvements and much faster loading times. Expect that to be in with the next patch.

I’d like to again thank everyone for their fantastic ideas, patience, enthusiasm and support for buying the game during early access. It is much appreciated. The game wouldn’t be as good as it is without the support for players like you. Thankyou so much for your support!

Maybe it’s just me, but something went wrong with this update.

Humbe has the latest version online. Download file also point out; 1.43. But after installation he still says I am running 1.42.
Either the wrong version came online, or he can’t check for some reasons the changes…

Looks like the datafiles were updated but the exe is still version 1.42, dated 06/01/18

I am getting an error when trying to load a game. It is greyed out and says “Unsupported Save Version” , but I created this file last night (1/25) after the update. Any ideas? I was able to open and play this morning (1/26) just fine.

Also just an update, I tried to start a new game, and save right away, and its giving me the same thing. This breaks the game for me as I cannot save and then load any new games. Really anxious to play, please help! lol

I have the same. Seems the application is not recognizing the updated version number. I have this line in my save files:

<version>alpha 1.43a</version>

Removing the ‘a’ from the end of the version number fixes it for me:

<version>alpha 1.43</version>

Same situation here as well, removing “a” helped me as well, thx.

Thanks!!! I am working now too, although it looks like I’ll have to modify the save file every time I open the game. I would guess that a fix is coming.

already fixed!

Now I am getting this error when trying to open my savegame:

Saved subtask not found…\src\SIM_ProductionSlot.cpp 1369

Any ideas?

Update: I can load auto saved files, but not files I have saved myself. If I open an auto save file, and then save it, I cannot then re-open the file. I have to go back to the last auto save.

Update 2, for some reason cannot open auto save files now. Same error.


When will the version released on GoG(.com)
Latest version is there alpha 1.42a



Hi, new version will come to GoG soon. I’m aware of a bug with some save games, which I can fix manually if you send them to cliff AT positech dot co dot uk. (basically there is an invalid ‘subtask’ for some cars). That bug will be fixed in the next version when it will be able to autofix those save games as they load.