O.O (I have no word to describe this!)

I have put Xedilco on Google, and I have found that:



I remember Hopefast well. He is a veteran GSB modder from China, dating back to the very beginning of the game in 2009. He authored the Fantasy Fleet mod.

For a while, he had been re-posting mods on a Chinese-language gaming forum. I recall that even Eich (creator of Legios, Scavengers and Pirates mods) had personally posted at least one of his own mods over there and was using Google Translate because he was interested in keeping up with the feedback from that community. :smiley: Eich and Hopefast used to stay in touch here, too.

At some point, that original forum closed down. Hopefast must have later begun a similar thread at a different forum. It looks like a “time capsule” of mods from two years ago, with nothing newer than 2010 content.