Will there be any more expansion packs?

I love the game, and am wondering if we’re going to see more official content. If so, when do you anticipate releasing it? If not, why not?

I’d like to se another pack; I’d certainly buy it. With any luck, it could be a race dealing with explosions, such as mines and flak. Sadly, I think cliffski’s moved onto coding his next game fulltime.

There’s some quality content available at our Gratuitous Modding forum for download and play. Check it out here.

Aside from mod tributes sparked by well-known sci-fi sources, we also have amazing original content as well. The latter ranges from the wonderful one-ship Steel Dragon expansion pack all the way up to the large number of creative new hulls and modules available to combat the terrifying silicon intelligence known only as Uni-T. Plenty of offerings in between those extremes, too! If you’ve been waiting for more ever since the Nomads race came out nearly half a year ago, your wait is over.

Scattered here and there on the Gratuitous Modding forum are also various textfiles for improved versions of vanilla modules and weaponry already in the game. See the ultimate mod compilation thread for more info! For example…to make frigates more competitive in the often all-cruiser environments we’ve seen, there’s now higher-output power generators, larger crew quarters and stronger Turbo Shields to help them survive long enough to bite back instead of being dumb cannon-fodder for target practice.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg, of course. If there’s a particular module or weapon or hull that has a problem which really bugs you, we can help you create a modded version for your own private enjoyment which reduces or eliminates the weakness that aggravates you. Just ask us how.

Installing mods is NOT a difficult process. It’s also the easiest way to breathe life and excitement back into a great game that’s become a little, um, tired. Your friendly neighborhood mod squad will gladly answer questions and help get you up and running. We’re a friendly bunch. :slight_smile:

It would be nice if the top mods were rolled up and included as part of an expansion/update that would give everyone who owns GSB the ability to use it - not just the people of the forum. The greatest reason why I avoid mods in GSB is the higher likely hood that somebody would not be able to respond to my challenge.
I play much more randomly - not having time to be part a group as my interest waxes and wanes.


Berny, if that’s the case, know that the ease and speed of uninstalling a mod arranged by its creator as a stand-alone package is such that you can just shut them on and off in nearly as little time than it takes to type this post. I keep a desktop shortcut to GSB’s folder to swiftly find any given mod I wish to turn on or off. Remove that mod’s “installs” file, reboot the game, and you’re right back to vanilla standards. Once you’re done with playing your challenges, re-create that mod’s install file in GSB’s Installs folder, reboot GSB again, and you’re back in business.

As for “being part of a group,” no one’s requiring you to become a dedicated modder in order to use and enjoy content created by modders. We don’t demand that you attend weekly meetings, buy our t-shirts or subscribe to our quarterly magazine. :wink: We’re just a bunch of enthusiastic, engaged players who work to increase the options and thus the enjoyment available to the player community. That’s why we create what we do; doubly so, now that official development of the game has already begun to diminish noticeably.

do we have weakly meetings??!?!?! oh sh**! i knew i forgot about something!

see, thats one exapmle for how different the GSB modding community is from other forums…

over at moddb i have seen redicoulus battles over who was the first one to have that idea, who made that model, who is the best modder, who is the most deddicated modder, if you dont release an update within a week i will slice your throat!, bomb letters, content theft, game raping and more…

we dont have that, all we have are a few modder who do this because we think its FUN and ENJOY modding, tweaking, testing, failing, testing again and present our results.

ontop of that, ive never been in another forum with such great sense of humor!

and we always want more people to join us in the constant battle vs boredom! as long as the people who join isnt “moddb extremists” and if they are, we will convert them into friendly community modders >:D



Well, modded races tend to have balances issues that makes official races obsolete at the competitive level. At least from the many mods I installed I have yet to find one that isn’t significantly stronger than the official race.

as we cant implement “new” features (we can only tweak the current ones) i think the main thing that mods try to accomplish is a bit of change. it can be boring to see the same ships and weapons for too long.

with the USSN, i (and wasabi) will try to aim towards an easy to use race with few but more powerful modules per hull. this (i hope) will make the mod “different”

with the drones we will try and make it unique by removing the need of crew.

the other mods also have some things that makes them “different” from the official races.

another example, thats very active now, is the concept of [epic voice] GIGANTICLY HUGEICLY EPIC LEVIATHAN DESTROYERS! [/epic voice]

cough[size=85]AoE3 modding[/size]cough
seriously though, this modding is much more relaxed, I think partly because this game is 2d so there is no arguing over modules, and it is much easier to make your own pictures than to try and convince someone that they are yours.
This topic also reminds me of something I’ve been thinking about: Does Cliff ever play any of the mods? I don’t care much whether he does or doesn’t, I’m just wondering if he gets any ideas/inspiration from them, or if he just likes to see what can be done with this awesome game.

i actually tried to explain what modding is all about to my parents and their friends (they are in their 40s) but apparently i did it wrong… now they think that cliff is using us to make more monney! then i tried to explain that he doesnt, its not legal for him to sell our mods without our clearance in the same way that we cant legaly sell them ourselves, since its based off a game that is published and copyrighted!

gah! i guess old dogs cant learn afterall…

sorry if anyone felt old (cough, darkstar, cough, sirjamon, cough, cliff, cough) damn throat…

(Off Topic)
Nah, old dogs can learn - but the question is do they want to ?

I worked in an ISP as a tier 3 IT support person on weekends to make some extra cash.
During my time there i had a grandfather go from n00b to l33t, he wanted to learn so he could talk to his grandchildren in America.

Anyways - yeah we have a good community here, plenty of people willing to help when you take your first tentitive spalsh at changing the game (which is rather easy by industry standards)

Indeed, I managed to pick it up in roughly an hour or so, granted with simple graphics. Other games I’ve modded take upwards of 8 hours to teach yourself how to do it, letalone mod completion and optimization time.


Of course! We appreciate things that are actually funny.

is anything known about new game, I cant find anything?

Even mine?

i would advise you to follow cliff´s blog