[Outdated][Bug 1.04] Bug Reports and comments (Running on Linux & Wine)


Linux user here, I purchased the Alpha tonight and spent half hour playing, using the Wine software to run Production Line on Ubuntu Linux.

It went really well actually, no crashes, smooth and decent looking.

Will give you more updates as I play more on Wednesday. Traveling to London tomorrow on business (booo hiss!).

Any other Linux users (i doubt it!) please post your bugs here so we can try and collate any issues which may be as a result of running on Linux / Wine.

Another Linux user here (Arch Linux)! I haven’t dared try PL under Wine, but from your post, it looks promising. It might even be more stable than on Windows :wink:

Not a Linux user, but also on a business trip this week. Just wanted to let you know, I share your pain. :slight_smile:

(Sorry for the off-topic)

Well played some more last night, and apart from the identified bugs, I Have had 0 crashes or problems. Pleasantly surprised! Never tried Arch Linux ThomasTc… but if you try PL on Wine, I might try Arch :slight_smile:

Zoidos, I hope your trip went well! Thankfully mine was good!

Hi! Mint 18 here, working flawlessly with default wine version from repo. The fonts needs some antislising but I think it can be fixed with some tweaking.