[Outdated][Bug 1.09] 'Fit Electronics' can be skipped


was just upgrading and redesigning my production line. Connected the conveyor from ‘Fit Accessories’ to ‘Fit Electronics’ with the conveyor from ‘Fit Electronics’ to ‘Quality Check’ and deleted the ‘Fit Electronics’ without having placed a new one.

My expectation was the the vehicles will get stuck with the ‘Next Slot …’ error message and will move on as soon as a new ‘Fit Electronics’ is available.
But instead they moved straight to the ‘Quality Check’ and further to export. No message, no error or crash …

You may find the demonstration video here:

I can imagine that this is necessary because of ‘Fit Aircon’ can be added to the process at a later time.

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This was intentional, although TBH I do think it should be changed to be compulsory, but I’m interested in opinions. Essentially its there just as a placeholder to fit all the interesting stuff in upgrades, but I do wonder how confusing this is?

Well, my opinion is that there should be a mandatory “Fit Wire Harness” and “Fit Automotive Battery” slots that come between “Fit Steering Wheel” and “Fit Lights”…

The “Fit Aircon” should be happening earlier too… at least before “Fit Seats” because you can’t put in all the airducts etc once all the leather interior is done. But “Fit Aircon” should be an optional step, that can be skipped because Air Conditioning is not really mandatory to make a car work.

That said the “Fit Electronics” slot should maybe be called “Fit Dashboard” or something like that… where the stuff like In-Car Music/Radio/Sat Nav/Bluetooth Support gets installed. That part shouldn’t be able to be skipped because it would also install the tachometer and probably other things.

Maybe the “Fit Wire Harness”, “Fit Automotive Battery”, “Fit Lights”, “Fit Aircon” should be grouped together in a slot where all the wiring/cabling/airducts etc are done before the interior/exterior gets finished.

While we’re talking about re-arranging the order of modules, One thing that has bugged me is that fit brakes is after the wheels go on. The brakes should be installed before the wheels :slight_smile:

Has been suggested multiple times already:


But I also agree… :smiley: