[Outdated][Bug 1.44] Resources vanishing from local stockpiles

I have a small factory with a “Fit Power Train” slot, and I’ve noticed that every 5 cars or so, around 5 or 6 engines will vanish from the local stockpile, even though only one engine is fitted to the car. If I look in “Imports” I can see that I’m importing around 10 PowerTrains an hour, even though I’m only making 5 cars an hour as reported on the efficiency panel.

Now I’m looking for it, I see some other items vanishing from stockpiles as well; fuel tanks from Chassis Assembly when it’s not on the fuel tank step. As with powertrains, I’m seeing radiators and exhausts vanishing from Fit Radiator and Fit Exhaust as well.

I’ve been finding it extremely had to make any sort of profit so far while playing, so if I’m paying for a lot of vanishing components, that might explain it!

Happy to pass on a save file if needed.


edit: with predictive stock control, I now see one powertrain consumed when a car arrives at the slot, and sometimes (~every five cars or so) another 5 powertrains then vanish when the car leave the slot.

See my reply in resources for slots above. I think I have the same problem on a new start.

On the more complex all-in-one slots, I can understand that sometimes resources probably need to be deleted to make space for resources for the next step, e.g. when you’re making the whole chassis in one step, maybe the local stockpile needs to delete a fuel tank to make space for the axles it needs to fit. Avoiding that kind of resource clash could be one of the benefits of upgrading the line, as there’s a certain deliberate lack of smartness in the way the line works initially.

Once you’re using the bespoke slots that only stockpile one resource, though, I see no logical reason the resources would vanish the way they seem to.


Its definitely bugged. E.g. in the engine every time it starts a new car says no engine when one is there and disappears. Does same with wheels says none there when there are 4, unfortunately it also loses the steering column exhaust and 3 tyres in the sequence. Has to order the whole lot again while it waits. You cant make a profit in those circumstances as engine fit takes longer than painting and cost you a small fortune. There are similar problems in chassis build. Looks like a resource bug to me.

Hi, somehow I missed this thread. As has been said, resources do get ‘evicted’ (and you get a refund for them) if the next car needs different resources and there is no room, but it sounds like this is not what is happening in this case. Its definitely not behaviour that I have seen personally. I would love to see a save game that exhibited this behaviour.
Saves are in \my documents\my games\production line\savegames
email cliff At positech dot co dot uk.

Hi Cliff,
Sent the saved game to you.
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I’ll send you through a save or two later, thanks :slight_smile: