Patch 1.003 feedback thread

Just released today, so expect it over next 24 hours. details:

1) Fixed bug where sometimes shadowmaps were not being generated at all for custom maps and downloaded maps. 2) Fixed bug where challenges on unedited maps failed to cunningly re-use existing shadowmaps. 3) Changed costs of augmentations to be either 5 or 15 for type II improved ones, infantry now only pay 1/5th of these costs. 4) Fixed bug where editing the appearance of an existing unit and saving it was not reflected correctly in the unit picker. 5) Air raid siren no longer loops 6) Fixed size issue for the unlock window under certain circumstances. 7) Fixed bug where music did not resume on alt+tab during a battles post mortem. 8) You can now no longer accidentally scroll the map with WSAD or pick any new units once a battle has ended. 9) Nightvision and route-display buttons now correctly toggle if you use hotkeys for those features. 10) Text boxes now correctly supports ,+£$%^=[]. 11) Fixed some bugs relating to unit designs saving and also loading in of unit text descriptions. 12) Exiting the map editor now takes you to the battle browser screen, not the main menu. 13) Fixed typo on defend button tooltip. 14) Fixed bug where support units could still give bonuses after deconstruction. 15) Fixed some typos in the manual and tutorial and elsewhere. 16) Fixed bug where overwriting an existing design left a temporary copy of the old one usable until the app quits. 17) Removed empty tooltips on badge editor. 18) Blueprints icons for support modules now show the greyed-out icon as a hint. 19) You now can no longer use duplciate augmentations, or two of the same type on a single unit. 20) Renamed the user profile button to profile/online so it's clearer where social stuff is. 21) Module comparison window now greys out and shows locked icons for modules you are yet to unlock. 22) Minimap and buttons no longer work, or buttons change mouse if the minimap is hidden by the player. 23) Fixed bug with mismatched icons & tooltips after deleting current unit design then changing hull. 24) Added new 'division manager' feature to control what units show up in the deployment bar during a battle. 25) deployment bar now consistently sorts designs by their type.

Rolled out, division creation/use is straightforward and useful. Sorting by type working well too.

Issue: I still can’t post an online challenge with a deployment recording. It lets me post, but when I try and defend it lets me pick “Scripted” but gives me no scripted missions to choose from :frowning:

Would be nice to access the Division creator outside of battles. It would also be nice to specify before starting a battle which division will be used (in attack and/or defence - the AI defender still deploys turrets I designed for test purposes, rather than battle hardened ones)

Right now it’s unclear which division will be submitted with a posted challenge. Is it the one I finished the map with, ‘All’, one containing only the units I used… ?

aha good point. I need to check all that, I think only designs you actually used get saved with a challenge right now.

You mention in point 22, that:

“22) Minimap and buttons no longer work, or buttons change mouse if the minimap is hidden by the player.”

Am i reading this correctly? The mini-map no longer works, and the buttons on the mini-map for night-vision, for tool-bar, for damage numbers ‘don’t’ work?


Please tell me they are going to work, sometime in the future.


ahaha. No I fixed a bug where you could turn the minimap off (M or U) and still click the buttons and use it, even though it was invisible. Now if you turn it off, it’s really off…

I was going through and re-saving my units to update their icon colors when I noticed that the Description line no longer accepts apostrophes ("Can’t became “Cant” and it won’t let me re-add it). It’s definitely nice that it loads the description when you load the unit now though.

:slight_smile: ahhhh… so it ‘does’ work, just not invisibly anymore. :slight_smile: Whew…


If there’s more feedback on an online challenge than fits in the visible window, the scrollbar isn’t letting you scroll down to see the rest.

(For an example check your Hurtgen Revisted map) :slight_smile:

More online feedback:

  • it would be great to see win/loss/difficulty/fun ratings by attack/defence. Some maps are far more fun to attack or defend, and also far harder/easier.
  • it would be nice to see the map name in the online challenges. I just played one that was an attack posted against a map I created, which came as a bit of a (nice) surprise.

Thinking ahead a bit, if you could group online challenges by map you could almost build up a challenge tree for each map, starting with the easiest to beat and working towards the really nasty ones.

Other than the inability to play recorded attacks (which is fixed in 1.004) the online challenges are working well - no problem posting or playing against them. I even tried posting a map in which I’d used modded units and it didn’t let me.

On the campaign map “Bear North at Rue de St Elain” (sp?) there’s an attacker designated square in the north-east that the attacker can’t reach (and that has an arrow pointing in a defender direction).

Are you sure? I certainly can’t find it…

Yep, certain. Most noticeably if you hit ‘R’ to show the paths. I just deleted and reinstalled GTB too, to ensure I hadn’t broken it, and it’s in ~\data\scenarios\scen004\scenario.txt dated 03/03/2012 12:49:

5-16 = 116,“115,”,0,0,gnd2_3,“rocky_path_fade,0”,

Incidentally, re-installing GTB left me on 1.001 instead of applying the patches up to 1.004. Easily resolved but may be worth a file check for the downloaded patch files on install.

Ah i see what you mean, fixed. Thanks.