Patch 1.005 feedback thread

Enter your comments and thoughts specific to version 1.005 here…

[code]version 1.005

  1. Fixed crash bug when right-clicking at the extreme bottom or top of the battle screen.
  2. Fixed missing gun barrel on small machinegun variant 3.
  3. Loading a custom map to re-edit it and then saving now correctly populates the name and description fields.
  4. Fixed issue with augmentations not disabling correctly if scrollbar is used.
  5. Fixed problems with achievements not triggering, or triggering incorrectly.
  6. Fixed path bug on ‘Bear North at Rue de St Elain’
  7. There is now a direct association between the damaged textures and smoke coming from a unit, and it’s current health.
  8. Shields now flicker rapidly if they are below 33% power.
  9. Gratuitous new laser guidance effect.
  10. One more new campaign map! (Tanks for the memories)
  11. Some improvements to explosion effects.[/code]

Hi, Cliffski.

Just want to help you with my feedback.
I just updated my GTB to patch 1.05 but it crashed whenever I start a battle in any stage in the campaign.

I managed to open Windows Task Manager to see what’s going on.
There was an error dialog box, it says:


Failed to find explosion manager [largexp2]:.\src\SIM_ExplosionManager.cpp 62

Hopefully this helps. Any help will be greatly appreciated !

ah damn, I shall investigate…

edit: uploading fixed patch now. For anyone who has this bug save this file in \Gratuitous Tank Battles\data\explosionmanagers … geexp2.txt


Thanks, Cliffski ! :slight_smile:
Hehe now I can check more awesome effects and other new features you just made recently.

Can’t wait for the full version though. Always loved your games. :smiley:

I’ll let you know if I find other bugs or trouble in the 1.05 patch.


Start battle.
Wind speed to 4.0x
Hit ‘start’
Speed resets to 1.0x

And text entry boxes… can one-liner entry boxes (like division name) please recognise ‘enter’ as “press the okay button”? It’s quite jarring.

Division editor: Can the option exist to double-click units to move them to the other side? Due to a rather painful few years in the past, I’m quite averse to lots of mouse-dragging around. (Thus the suggestion to be able to hot-key units for attack placement. Mousing all over the screen can literally be a pain)

Possibly due to the visibility fix: If I use the keyboard to scroll to the top of the map, and keep holding ‘up’ down, when I come to press ‘down’ to scroll down - there’s a two second delay before anything happens. If I were guessing, I’d say that the game thinks I’ve moved the view into the buffer area, but the display code capped it at the top of the map.

Lovely smoke plumes from destroyed units… except… I can’t see what’s behind them and they’re huge!

Hi, Cliffski.

I found another bug in Unit Design. I think it happened after I upgraded to patch 1.005.

When I wanted to edit some of my units by changing the module parts (not augmentations) like Targeting or Loaders, some of module boxes on the left side of the UI were “greyed out”. I couldn’t drag it to my unit since it was greyed out.

The module boxes that was greyed out were either a module based on specific type. Like Targeting or Loader. What happened to me was either Targeting or Loader. For now, it happened twice. First when I wanted to edit my Heavy Tank unit (the Loader modules were greyed out. and for some reason it wasn’t after I messes up with the augmentation modules). The second was when I wanted to change the targeting of my light infantry unit; the targeting modules on the left side of the UI were all greyed out, by type.

However, when I want to create a new unit by taking an empty hull, it works fine.
It only happened to some of my loaded units.

If you need more specific information about this bug, ask away :).
I’ll help you out in troubleshooting bugs.

Found out the way to solve the problem. All you need to do is remove the augmentation and then switch to customization screen in Unit Design and then go back to the design screen; the modules can be dragged into my unit. Which for some reason works.

Somehow the first character in my registration code didn’t make it into the game itself, so that’s why the patching was never working. Yay, 1.005 is alive. :slight_smile:

New “plume of smoke” effect for destroyed vehicles/turrets is nice. It does obscure the battlefield, but I find this adds to the game rather than detracts - it makes me want to make a map where the plumes of smoke form part of the game balance.