Patch 1.37 beta testers wanted again...

Patch 1.37 will be changing a few things:

version 1.37

  1. Bug Fix: Random distribution of damage impacts is more random than before.
  2. Bug Fix: Plasma torpedoes and ECM effects no longer animate for a while after pausing when at high speed.
  3. Usability: All battle sounds now stop when you end the battle.
  4. Bug Fix: random loading screen choices are now more truly random.
  5. New Feature: Complete overhaul of the post-battle statistics screen with better charts and graphs showing who damaged who.
  6. Bug Fix: Frigate tractor beam now correctly displays all its data on the ship design screen.
  7. New Feature: For mods… Game now supports variable parallax terrain items to allow fixed backgrounds.
  8. New Feature: Flickering nebula lightning effect in background of selected scenarios.
  9. Ship engine noise is now also controlled by the sound effects volume slider.
  10. Balance: A number of balance changes have been made.
    If you own the full game, bought it direct, and would like to help test out the features of that version and help ensure I haven’t stupidly got any bugs in it, please email, and either use, or include the email address you bought the game with. Once I’ve had a few people try it for a few days, I’ll roll it out.

I’ve always wondered - why do you only want direct installs?

It’s just because its easiest for me to verify they bought the game. That’s the only reason.

sorry, steam user :slight_smile:

bought the expansions direct, hate to wait XD