pimp my ship?


alright, so heres the story. i found this app called pimp my gun (http://pimpmygun.doctornoob.com/index.php) and saw that someone had made something that looked like a ship. everytime i see a ship in 2d i instantly think of GSB, so i did what any modder would. i started experimenting.

i made half the ship in the app, then edited a little in paint.net

turned out pretty good for a 5 minute ship…

EDIT: nother one done.

also made in about 5 minutes…

anyways, i wanted to share this to all of you who are/want to start modding gsb, but find it hard to make the graphics.



That site is awesome…!

Thanks for sharing! :smiley:


Big thanks to my favorite Swedish ninja for that useful find. :wink:


Some ships i made
Titan cruiser

Legacy frigate

Jericho frigate

Phoenix fighter

Volcano cruiser


A very unique race could be made from that app me thinks?! :smiley: OOoooorrrr some turrets?


Ow, very interesting designs, they are very moddable, lol, nice shapes to fit the turrets and make glows / tractors, are we expecting a new ancient race here???

P.D.: i coudnt stop imagining, those ships will be very easy to model on SU, and the final result will be awesome, think about it!!. -.-



Can make a bunch of really quick mods if I omit damage and hulks.



Battlelord, broadside cruiser:

12 Side Canon batteries (6 by side)
2 Frontal Laser batteries
2 AA Laser canon

Yes, I’ve found a way to make some weapon fire only from one side!
(Next mod (After my work for the Praetorian Ind.))


Well, there goes my problems with creating the ships.


Now I just have to worry about turrets and weapon effects.

EDIT: I found a webpage with the entire freakin’ spectrum of color codes



Here’s my first ship, the Scythe.

(I’ll have to re-do it and add gun positions)


Excellent find, Shylo! :smiley: It also beats the hell out of the built-in color chooser in standard phpBB forum software (i.e., ours). What delicious insanity. :wink:


I had an idea a while back for something like this but using GSB parts. For example, there would be an engines tab with engines from each race, bridges tab, main hulls, etc. I got the Alliance, Federation, and Empire engines and PMed them to Kemp suggesting he put a “ship builder” like that in GSBEdit (which reminds me to check that project’s progress) and I can post them here if anyone wants, although its not really that hard to do yourself.


It is indeed on my list, and may actually get done one day. I have to admit, I haven’t touched GSBEdit recently unfortunately due to real life getting in the way. I will make it up to you guys though (assuming there is still a potential userbase for the app).


I still check the website each day to see if there’s anything new and cool that’s been made!


me too it kinda addicting lol

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