policies pack turkish/Türkçe

Policies pack modunu bir kısmını Türkçe yaptım istek gelirse buna devam ederim ya da diğer modlarıda yapabilirim.
simulation.zip (7.45 KB)

Can’t get it to work. Do you replace the files in /democracy3/data/ or add it as a mod in the directory?

Both ways (should) work. Your choice:

\Democracy 3\data\simulation\
( First, make a safety backup copy of original files there! )
Add new code lines INTO original files.
( policies into policies , simulation(s) into simulation , and so on )


\Democracy 3\mods\youMod\data\simulation
Place new files here.
Create youMod.txt ( Mod-init-txt-file) .

Remark :
item names must be unique! Or game will not load or will not show them.
If you are not sure, then please deactivate all other Mods when testing this one the first time!
You need to deactivate any other Mod containing same item name(s) as in these or any other files!

About simulation.zip ,
version: Postby mirac.anil.1 on Wed Jul 23, 2014 11:45 pm

simulation.zip includes:
adds 17+2 policies ,
adds 12 simulations ,
adds 0+3 situations ,
defines 9 sliders .

item names in English, GUIname /in-game names in Turkish, item descriptions in English.
situations are deactivated (missing #,).

I downloaded simulation.zip and read the csv-files, a quick view for you :wink:
But I did not test them in the game!

well i think popular mods must be added to transifex because its harder in this way you know or i just dont know the easyway.