[poll] what type of battle u like most?

what type of battle do you like best?

  • ship duels - two glorious battleships beating the crap outta each other for no reason
  • small battles - nexus/star trek style where each ship matters in a compact fight
  • large battles - giant friggin battle formations blowing each others up with as many ships exploding as possible

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exactly what it says on the title… just outta curiosity

plz vote



Large battles but with different ship types with different classes, in some formation, with different weapons…

Small battles because A) I can actually follow what the @#$% is going on, and B) my computer doesn’t bog down as badly.

I like the three options, but i love the big and long ranged battles, but for me, each ship counts.

The huge battles put the Gratuitous in Gratuitous Space battles… for me.

Large. There are only so much you can do in those small fights.