Possible Blank Slots for attributes?

Hi Cliff, is it reasonably possible to include some blank dummy slots for skills for the purposes of modding?

For an extreme example, modding a ‘new age’ career would have something like ESP as a skill.
Shopping-Books: Learn The Tarot, etc. Objects: Crystal Ball, and so on.

I’m basically thinking of the possibilities of taking the game ‘further out’.
Crime Career with relative items etc, Geek career, hacker etc.

I think a really cool one would be Super Hero.
Please don’t laugh.

Imagine trying to save the city from some super-nut, hold down a job and not lose all your friends.

I know it sounds a little way out there but it adds flavour and widens scope…

I feel I’m going to be modding more than playing :wink:

Great Game - kudos to YOU!

you mean slots in the GUI?, as I recall, it does expand as required, if extra attributes are added. Superhero and new age both sound cool!

Cliff, does it matter exactly where I insert new attributes in the CSV file?
e.g. can I simply insert a new line between 13 and 14?

I’m interested in how final the actual data is with regard to the gui adapting accordingly. I was toying with the idea of using BlitzMax to knock up a simple gui to create modded data files easier but I’ve not been brave enough to try messing with the files too much.