Post first game questions

Hey guys, new member here reporting fresh from my first session of intergalactic warfare!! All i can say is… what an addictive game!! Such a laugh!! Ive got a couple of what im sure are VERY noobish questions but i was wondering if your indulge me for a second…

1: are there and other ship classes to unlock or is it just Fr, Cr and Fi’s? Can you dowload them or do they come in the expansions?
2: speaking of the xpansions, i take it they are worth getting?
3: is there any way two players can play on 1 PC?

Sorry i know these are very basic questions but ive only played it once and want MORE!! hehe

  1. No.
  2. Yes.
  3. Sort of. You can send challenges to yourself.

Cheers Fishbreath, shame about the different classes of ship but if thats the game then thats the game.

There may be more ship classes in the future (although I don’t think cliffski has any plans for that, period), but for now we only have 3 basic ship types.

you can download Archdukes dreadnaught models in the mod forum. they install easily.

you can also use my mod, includes all of his ships plus mine. and modules, and some things i cant remember